The Homestead Box- December 2017


This box is quite exciting! Holiday Celebrations- of course I had to hide some of the materials- so they wouldn’t get eaten!

We got some Organic Whole Wheat Flour- Some Organic Buckwheat Flour, Some Amish Butter Cheese, Some Swiss Cheese, Some pecan halves, and some Wildflower honey! I can’t wait to bake with all this! We also got a wooden cutting board, and I am so excited about that! Who doesn’t love wood- it even has the Homestead Box logo burned into it!

We also got some Organic Grits, a flour sifter- (I am excited about that because I wanted Grandaddy’s but it was already claimed- so NOW I have one!), and an Old Amish Recipes cookbook!

Now that it has slowed down some- look forward to some posts from this box!


January Seeds of the Month-


Yum, yum- I can’t wait to try kohlrabi- it’s going to be so hard to plan this year and see what we are going to plant! In the cold of winter- this is an exciting prospect!

What are you making on your list? Have you started planning yet?

November Seeds of the Month


Thanks to Mike the Gardener seeds of the Month club- we are definitely growing our supply. I can’t wait for collards and lettuce!

We are going into planning season right now- for Spring, Fall and Summer veggies and herbs.

This makes a great gift- these are heirloom- non-GMO seeds! I have been getting this for over a year now and have not been disappointed!

It snowed in December-

Before Christmas we got some snow. Now before you make fun of us Southerners- we are not prepared for a lot of snow as we don’t have sand and salt trucks and plows aplenty. They were calling for snow to hit around noon- but it came early- so I got to leave work early- the kids were already home from school that day. We got a good amount of snow- and it was a good amount as in- we were actually able to build snowmen- usually all we get is slush and ice- and it isn’t good for any kind of snow fun!

So enjoy our snow day pictures- and hope the snow they are calling for on today doesn’t shut us down either!

This was earlier on- and the animals, besides Dixie didn’t know what to take of it!

We almost made a whole snow family- the girls had such a blast! Tooty was outside almost all day playing!


This is such a beautiful picture of our house!


Our neighbor was kind enough to make snow cream and share! Boy was it good!


This was average- we haven’t had this much real snow in awhile!

Happy New Year and all that jazz..

We are not missing, November hit and then the busy just got away from me. I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, But I do have some great updates and plans for yall!

See below for our December in pictures- well we will just say that the New Year came in with a bang. I learned from the doctor that I am B12 deficient, so I took a weekly shot for 4 weeks and then asked for the pill since our insurance does not cover the shot. The doctor may be fighting that for me. I am eventually going to a sleep study to see what is going on with my sleep since I am tired and sleepy most of the time, Maybe I won’t have sleep apnea and she can knock me out so I can sleep. Christmas week my gallbladder finally went kaput and I am now in the process of testing to see whether or not it needs to come out. It has been a process, and I hurt every day. I still truck through because no matter how bad you hurt, the animals and family need you.

The girls are back at school and it has been dang cold here in Bama- they are calling for some of the dreaded snow on Tuesday- it has been so cold- as in nights are in the 20’s if not teens upcoming this week. We are dealing with frozen water for the animals- but that solution is coming- I ordered it from Amazon today!

Enjoy some pictures of our holiday and look for some amazing updates on the blog and Hot Mess Homestead this year! Our goals are set and we are hoping to truck along nicely!

20171123_121050.jpgThe cats have been enjoying sleeping with momma at night, and have already killed 2 field mice this year. These are my mouse traps, and as I sit here typing- they are laying at my feet on the end of the bed.

Some Christmas fun, we got a real tree this year and went to see the light show at Shadrack’s again. It has definitely been a busy month!

The animals are doing well- this was before our big freeze- we prepared with new hay for everyone- it becomes a muddy mess around here when it rains!


We celebrated New Year- well me and the hubby did- with turnip green soup and cornbread- this is a new favorite for me! It has black eye peas- the cornbread and greens all what we needed!

We had so much fun picking out our Christmas tree at a local farm. The only problem was the cats wanted to drink water from the tree stand! I had a friend do my hair for ugly Christmas sweater day at work- what a wonderful fun day that was!

I love my new boots- now I don’t have to steal the hubby’s! And the goats enjoyed the remnants of the Christmas tree! The animals are still going great- and we are still getting 1 duck egg a day and anywhere from 10-14 eggs a day from the girls!

These are some new Christmas presents- it was the year of farm gear- I also got a rooster wind chime and some amazing home quilted placemats and some new towels and a dish rack! I was spoiled! My momma and relatives know me! My hubby surprised with me with my bow- it was a late Birthday present- I got my pistol for Christmas. I am so excited to hone in on my skills and go hunting next year!

Plan up for some more posts and updates- I will be doing some garden planning and goal update soon! Hope you have been doing well!

Egg-citing news!

I may make you wait for it- but I just can’t! I am like a little kid opening a gift- I have to tell you the egg-citing news! Our ducks and the younger set of hens are laying! I screamed with joy when I found out!

Saturday I checked the coop- which we really haven’t been able to do- since it has been so dark- and look at the glory I found! I did bust one egg- oops! But shortly after discovering the girls were laying- Sheldon discovered duck eggs!

Some nesting box love- Do you see the light green/light blue! That makes me so egg-cited! I am going to have to freshen up the nesting boxes a little more often in this coop. My Easter Eggers are laying and the Buff Orpingtons as well. I only have 5 Easter Eggers- and 2 Buff’s. That poor Buff pretty much lays anywhere in the coop. Poor gal- so I will be freshening the coop- and I may have to try the golf ball trick to see if I can make sure they lay in the boxes.


The ducks did just lay anywhere- which is still a possibility. But I added some hay to their coop- and look- one made a nest- we are getting 1 egg a day. So I hope that means they will start laying more. I have 3 hens and 3 drakes. I am hoping one eventually will go broody and try to hatch out some babies! SSH- I actually think they heard me talking about if they didn’t start laying soon- they may go to freezer camp! But alas- no worries for now!

The plethora of eggs we have now. And I am loving the colors. We do mark the day on the egg with a pencil so that we can eat the oldest first. I love my egg basket that my momma bought me- it is now coming to great use!

I can’t wait to expand and get more chickens so we can have more different colored eggs!

The Homestead Box- November 2017

This homestead box was a good one as well. I love how they keep adding to skills that we need. Living off the Land-


Ever wanted to harvest your own meat? This kit gives you some of the most important tools- whether you are hunting or fishing! We won’t get to do much this year- but I will definitely make plans to do some next year.


What you can’t see is a green camo bandana, some meat bags to pack ground meat, and a few pairs of the longer gloves. My husband definitely loved this box!

I can’t wait to see what we keep on getting every month! Y’all should really check them out! The skill sets they send are amazing! And normally always includes a book- who doesn’t love to add to the library! Not only that but if we ever lose internet- I still have a reference guide right at my fingertips!

You need to-

take care of yourself. That is number one priority on the homestead. If you aren’t fully healthy- you won’t be able to take care of everyone else and do the things you need to do. I bit the bullet and took a day off to run to doctor appointments all day this past Tuesday.

Appointment 1- With a family doctor. I went and had a physical so to say- I don’t normally go to the doctor- but I am not getting any younger. Plus we had to address my sleeping issues. I was waking up 2 or 3, if not more, times a night and wasn’t getting my full 8 hours. If I don’t have a full 8 hours- I am cranky- with a capital c! I did a sleep study a few years back and I will have to do another one now- to make sure I didn’t develop sleep apnea. But for now- I take 5 mg of melatonin to help keep me asleep. So far on night one- it seemed to work- although I was a little groggy still when I woke up. I also had to have a full blood test done- I wanted them to check my Thyroid- because my T4 was slightly elevated when I went to the cardiologist last year. If that tells you anything- I avoid the doctor like the plague y’all. I bruise easily- she got all 6 vials in one shot- but now my arm has the lovely lump and purple and black bruise all across my elbow.


Appointment 2- The dreaded female yearly, Enough said.

Appointment 3- The eye doctor. I will have a new pair of glasses soon- and my left eye- just my left eye got worse. I am hoping this helps- since the anti-glare is rubbing off my glasses- and I stare at a computer all day. The last time I went was 4 years ago- and I swear I just got these glasses 2 years ago- that tells you how much times flies.

The importance of this message was to say- don’t avoid it! Take care of yourself! I am not saying you can’t use holistic approaches and natural remedies- but you need to make sure you get regular check ups as well. Something hit me- and I realized I want to be around to see my girls grow up- and I want to live to 90 and sit on my rocking chair on my porch! So take care of yourself! Don’t wait until the last minute- and send some prayers my blood work comes back normal!

Turkey Day!

photo courtesy of google images- I can’t wait to have some of my own in a year or two!

Happy Turkey Day y’all! Gobble till ya wobble!

The hubby and I are home this year. We both have to work Friday and Saturday. So we forewent the trip to Huntsville- since I didn’t want to make the drive.

No turkey for us- I am cooking Turnip Green Soup! The girls are going with my in-laws to Huntsville. They will have such fun.

I hope everyone has a great day- and spends some quality time with those they love!