Welcome to the homestead!

Welcome to our homestead. Some background on us..

I am Momma- the 30 year old creative, impatient, dreamer, and glue that holds us together. I formed my dream of owning my own homestead about 2 years ago and it took us awhile- and a lot, I mean a lot of planning to get there. I currently work, so this has definitely been a journey, and we are ever so hard working on trying to reach the goal. Wait, you reach goals? Hrm, I just keep having more to do- more lists- it never ends- but the fun part of crossing items off.  I am a list person by the way- I carry 2 notebooks and a calendar with me, in my purse. You will eventually see all of my quirks and more about me as we journey together.

Daddy- is the full-time money maker in the family. He is the rock to our storm. Like the title says, we are a hot mess, but I don’t think anyone is normal. He is our grease monkey- he works as a diesel mechanic. We have been married for 8 years now- and have been through plenty of ups and downs- but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He definitely is the ying to my yang. We compliment each other so nicely.

We have 2 daughters- complete polar opposites. One is 10 and the other is 5. Our oldest is the outdoor, camping, reading, creative, gifted child. Her nickname is Sheldon- by the way- so therefore she will be called that when I post. The youngest is the girly girl- she can still throw down but wants to do it in a skirt or dress. She loves dance, and all things pink- I will refer to her as Tootie- that’s what I call her, she doesn’t like it too much. It is very refreshing at times to have two different children.

So that is all for now- pictures of our homestead and a little background of our journey as I go. Thanks and come along for the ride- enjoy some of the hot mess of my life.



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