Some rambling thoughts for Labor Day weekend..

I am trying to be better about posting on my blog. But I did a bunch of thinking yesterday, and trying to make a list of homestead goals was a little overwhelming. It seems like my list is so long, but they do say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Both hubby and I work a 9 to 5 in the rat race. Eventually the goal is for me to not work and be able to take care of everything on our homestead. For now, small steps to reach our goals. I will post a much better list of our goals soon, but for now. Just a little thinking on my part. I have dreamed of my little farm for so long. I did talk to my husband and my children about our goals. We only live on a little under an acre, and I wanted much more land, but we are going to work with what we have.

I have realized small steps is what it takes to get to homesteading. Each small step, each time I get to cross something off my list, I get a little happier. Right now it is making sure everyone is on the same page. I think that is the most important step also. The whole family should be on board and should be ready for all the work that needs to be done. Hubby works odd hours- and usually somewhere close to 60 to 70 hours a week, so most weekends he is so tired, he sleeps all weekend. We are trying to remedy this and make life happier for all of us. It is the simple things that make me happy.

I want to avoid homestead burnout- which I have seen all too often- you jump into something head first and do so much at first, that it becomes overwhelming and you can’t take care of what you need to so you become lazy. I do not want to become lazy, everyone needs a day of rest, but I also know I do not like being idle. I am an overthinker and I think technology is great if you use it to benefit you. But all too often we use it as a crutch or we get sucked in to all the drama. I have been trying to be better about using my technology time for good. I have been researching and reading lately, whether it be on blogs or searching for an answer from a reliable source.

It is labor day weekend and we all need some rest, so I am taking this weekend to formulate my plan, make a new list of “goals,” and to break them down into smaller goals if need be. I think I need a 1 year plan, so I can hold myself accountable and get some things accomplished.

Enjoy some of my ramblings, this is how my brain works- it takes a lot for me to focus on one thing- I do end up rambling and moving from topic to topic quite frequently, but I thank God every day for allowing me to have a brain that functions. We are blessed! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, get some rest, and I will catch you on a later post.


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