The Planning Stages..

We had a survey done of the house- who wouldn’t? We definitely wanted to know where our property lines are. So of course, my smart idea for planning the homestead is to use the survey to plan what we want to do with the space we have. We do have some wooded area which is road front, so we may bulk that up a little bit- I do like my privacy some. We have plans, and the thing is I can see them in my head when I picture it- that is the nice thing about using the plans from the survey.


The picture is not the best, and not quite to scale. It is my rough draft, I will be measuring tomorrow to plan out what will fit best where, and this is why you make plans, so that if anything needs to change- it can! The number 7 is where I would like our fruit/nut trees to go. Right inside out property line- but it would fill out so that we wouldn’t have to see the neighbor on that side. I don’t really want to place a fence up, and there are a few existing trees on the line- which is nice- that’s part how we know where it is. The plan for the garage/workshop for the hubby will block the views from the other neighbor.

We do share a driveway with one neighbor and they are pretty awesome- not that the other two aren’t, I haven’t gotten to know them much. They are very helpful and have a little boy who is a year older than my youngest. They play all the time- which is why the trampoline and swingset are closer to the edge of the driveway, so the kids can play.

Bees, chicken and garden plans will need to be worked out. The compost pile, wood storage and the garden will be one of the first things to come. the chickens will be coming shortly after. Long-term we want to enclose the back porch- for a mud room/ more storage area, enclose the carport, cover the walkways, and build a garage/workshop for the hubby.

The awesome thing about this house is that we have a pear tree, and two rose bushes. Both of which I have to learn more about. Luckily my mother-in-law knows about roses- so I can ask her for some help when it cools off some. We plan on buying a tree package from an existing farm that sells them, so when January rolls around- I will definitely ask them some questions. They have existing orchards, and bee hives.

I just thought I may share a little bit of out planning stages- you will see more of that to come later. Suggestions are welcome- if you think I need to place something somewhere else- please share- I take advice! Long term I would also like to add rabbits and goats. I don’t think we have enough room for pigs or cows. Hit uo the contact me button- I will respond as soon as I can! Thanks for following along our journey!


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