Project Homestead- clothes line

wp-1473104758449.jpgDon’t mind the roof- that is my outside porch- it is in the works to tear down and fix! Project Homestead- Clothes line

One step to saving some money- especially while it is soo daggum hot still down here- is to decrease my dryer usage. I can definitely take advantage of the heat. This is our quick fix until I figure out what kind of permanent fix I want. What I like about this one is that it retracts so I don’t- pardon the pun- clothes line myself on the clothesline! I do eventually want to get the best of both worlds- retractable and a pulley system- we will have to think on that one! I do want to give a big thank you to my hubby for “installing” my system- by the way the retractable cord is about 3 foot too short- so we had to rig up a rope that we had on hand so I can hook my line to hang it up. I love the smell of fresh dried laundry on the line- and it didn’t take long to dry either!


Besides I like seeing the cute hello kitty sheets floating in the wind! Do you use a clothesline? If so what is the best part about it? Or if you don’t want one, why not? Share with me!


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