DIY- frugal clothespin bag…


Project this weekend- took me about 15 minutes total to make. This is an afterthought of my clothesline- who doesn’t have a nifty little bag to store them in?

Can you guess what it is made of? It didn’t cost me a dime! It was everything we had on hand! I love frugal quick projects!

My string is a too short shoe lace from my daughters shoes. I am going to use it as a bag for over my shoulder, and it pulls tight to close and becomes a drawstring. I carry it over my shoulder while I use my line.

The bags is actually part of my yoga pants leg. I cut them down to make board shorts, and decided to keep the legs for a project- not knowing I would be making a clothespin bag. It was perfect one side is already sewn- so no need to hem or worry about it. I just turned the leg inside out and sewed the bottom shut- the bottom of my bag was the uncut part- so I didn’t have to sew a hem. Work Smarter, Not harder, right? The top part was perfect because the edge of the pants was hemmed with enough space for me to cut a slice down the hemmed part. It became my hole for my drawstring! Genius!

The nice thing about this- it is washable- and didn’t cost a dime! What kind of frugal projects have you done lately? Let me know!


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