Memories and a little bit of beauty…


This is what I saw one day when I came home- we had 2 or 3 butterflies just hanging out. I love watching butterflies- and they are so beautiful. They remind me of my Grandpa. He was always quick to give great advice- and whenever I see a butterfly I think of him. I seem to believe he is visiting me. It is great to remember him. The memories just flood in- and it always seems to come in when I am down. It has taken me awhile to get over the fact that I missed his funeral because I was pregnant with my youngest.

Seeing a butterfly always makes me think of the small things- enjoy the little things. Life moves too fast- enjoy the smiles- and the beauty. Even though my front walk has overgrown with the weeds- the butterflies enjoy it- so no- I am not weeding it right now. I would rather enjoy the butterflies- and then rip it up later. Take it slow- watch nature- think- slow down- enjoy being outside!


So here is to some beauty in life- ENJOY!


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