Meet the girls…

Both of my girls are completely different- and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



This is our oldest. She was born in April- and is 10 this year. She is very smart- in the gifted classes in school. She is not the pink and girly type. Truth- we just got her to wear jeans a year ago- this is my picky child.  She is very particular and intense. She loves to read, art, music, school, archery- and xbox/youtube. The dreaded game system- we don’t like when mom limits our screen time.  She has learned to crochet and is pretty good- so we have been buying yarn- good for when we have rainy/cold days and they don’t want to be outside.



This is our youngest, she will be 6 this year. She is definitely all girl, if you can’t tell. This is from dance recital this year. Although she will get down in dirty- she just chooses to wear a dress or skirt. She is very curious, friendly, loves to color, dance and loves music. She would rather be outside playing with someone. She loves to help and loves it when she can be in the kitchen with me.

Both girls are so different- and they each have their own personalities. They are an integral part of our lives- although Tooty has boycotted chicken until recently. And if we do want goats- well that’s another story for another day! Come join us on our journey- I’m sure I will have some funny tales to tell with these two!


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