Some weekend fun…

Weekends sure do come fast when you work in the rat race…they just seem to fly by, and I certainly do wish they were longer. Here is to one day I will be a full time homesteader not working the rat race..


The dog and the kid are a bit wiggly- so it is very hard to get good photos- I have to use my phone right now and it is just not fast enough for my friends..


We bought and built a nice dog house for Dixie, she is so old she deserves something nice, which yes I could have built one for cheaper- but this was on sale from $149.99 to $54.99 and I just couldn’t resist. It is cedar and smells oh so wonderous, and the kiddo wants to use it for a club house. It has taken Dixie a few days to get used to it- but it will be much warmer in the winter- as she is graying and I can tell the cold is bothering her more every year. It did not take long to build- and I just hope she enjoys it.


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