Seeds of the Month Club review..

I joined Mike the Gardner Seeds of the Month Club from reviews that I have seen. I have been waiting over a year to join because now I actually have the room to have a garden. There are many perks to joining. I won’t list them all- you can go check it out on the web site. I can just tell you that they ship fast- I got my first packet within 2 weeks of joining. I am on my third month now- and will share the seeds I got. Please don’t think you will get the same seeds- everyone is different and they send seeds based on your growing area. They are all heirloom, non- GMO seeds, which is very exciting! Seed saving here I come!


This was my first shipment after joining- I joined in August. I am very excited to try the cucumbers, and kohlrabi. These have been exposing me to different varieties that I don’t know if I would have tried otherwise.


This is my second shipment for September 2016. I think I am most excited about the basil and I am interested in trying Eggplant.


This is my most recent shipment- October 2016. I am excited about the Cilantro and the Corn Salad sounds interesting.

Here is a link to the FAQ page to learn more!

FAQ Page 

Death on the homestead.. and chicken update

So this weekend we discovered our first Death on the homestead. It is inevitable- you will have deaths- I am just sad this is not one we planned on (I do plan on getting a batch of broilers-as I don’t think I can eat my layer girls)- it was from sickness.  We had to put poor Bella down- she just wasn’t getting any better and just kept getting worse. I thought I could nurse her back to health but it did not work. I really thought the kids would be more upset- but I am glad they took it so well. I was totally heartbroken and crying- but I think I was more invested as I was the one who was medicating and checking on her. It was Sheldon’s chicken but she did come home sick and we knew she may not make it. I know have learned a lesson and will be checking them out fully before we bring them home.

On better news, Spaz and Violet are doing great- I have to clean the coop this weekend. They are becoming little fatties, and now come to see me some when I go to the coop at night- by the way this is when they are fed, so I am sure it has something to do with it.

I was very worried Dixie would not mesh with my girls- but she has totally taken ownership. One of them yelled at the other one- and Dixie went running to check on them. She is always underfoot when we do anything near the coop and doesn’t like it when the girls sound as if we are bothering them. We left last weekend for a little bit and noticed her laying outside the coop like a good little guard dog. Makes me so proud and relieved.

Thoughts on Pinterest.. and doing it all…

Don’t get me wrong- most of my best ideas I get from Pinterest- But you can definitely get sucked in and it can cause some problems.

I can get sucked into Pinterest for hours looking at ideas. So I do have to limit myself- right now I am organizing my boards- I used to think less is more- but then I remember I pinned something awesome and can’t find it- so here comes some organization- and that should make sure I actually use the information I pin. I am sure I have plenty of doubles in there.

It can cause problems too- like jealousy of all these people that “do it all.” We are only one person and can’t “do it all,” hence the name of my blog. I am a hot mess, and I don’t expect that to change any. I do fly by the seat of my pants a lot- but I do like my research also. I don’t want to paint the picture perfect homestead- because that is what you see on blogs. I want you to see the nitty gritty the ups and downs- the failures and the wonderful successes. Because that is where we learn- we learn from mistakes- and no one is perfect. It will probably take me a year or more to get to where I want to be. But I don’t want everyone to think I am perfect- because there is no such thing as perfect. And if I can do it so can you! So have that for some inspiration and join me on this journey!

Learning with Chickens..

Sheldon’s poor Silkie is sick. We brought her home sick – and that makes me feel like a horrible mom/chicken mom. This is definitely a learning curve. I will always make sure when we go look at chickens that I fully check them over before bringing home, and there will always be a quarantine period. We brought the chickens home last Saturday. Sunday I discovered she was sick- and had to order meds from Amazon because Tractor Supply didn’t have any. That started the electrolytes- probiotics every day for all 3 girls. Wednesday the meds got here, and I mixed them up and started my girls on them. Thursday night Bella didn’t look so good- and wasn’t very responsive.  So we have segregated her to the crate in the laundry room- she was gasping. I for sure thought I was going to come home from work and have a dead girl. Needless to say, she surprised me- she is more alert today- and I am not sure she has eaten anything- and she is still gasping- but I am going to try my best to get her back to health. Any tips tricks or advice will be gladly taken. I am medicating the other girls for the time period just in case since Violet was sneezing slightly and they both have been exposed. I was going to try more natural ways- but she just took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t bear to lose all three- so antibiotics it is. Also I have heard they are not going to carry the powder antibiotics over the counter so to say starting in Jan 17- so I may be getting some for my stockpile. I have had chickens for all of 3 days and the sick kit has started. I am trying to be positive regarding it- but I did jump a little, and didn’t look them over before we brought them home.

Some thoughts…

What are your goals in Homesteading?

Do you feel like you will never get there? One step forward- four back?

Can I actually quit the rat race and can we do it?

I need to get rid of some clutter.

Can I cut it to be a blogger?

What else can I do to get closer to homesteading?


Crap I need to make a list- I am a list maker of all things. These thoughts have been running through my mind lately. I was really bad at blogging this last week- and I am trying to get better. What do you want to see on the blog? How can I help you? I am thinking about doing a weekly column- or a theme to a few weekly posts. Please let me know what you think- I value feedback! I am not full of knowledge yet- but I am getting there- and if I don’t know I will find the answer. Help a sister out!

Here comes the chickens..


For an early birthday present this past weekend, we went to a local farm and I bought some teenager chickens to start my flock. I thought I was getting 2 Blue Jersey Giants and a Silkie- but I have a Jersey Giant- A Silkie – and A Brama.

The Silkie is Sheldon’s- she picked her out and she is so docile- but from what I understand most Silkies are.


The spotted one is the Brama and it is my other daughter Tooty’s- for all intensive purposes. She doesn’t like the chickens- so she just throws treats and looks at them from afar. Her name is Violet.


Then there is my chicken- she is the Jersey Giant and her name is Spaz. Named rightfully so- she is the quirky one of the bunch.


So there you have it- my new girls- Update later this week on them.

Book Review- The Weekend Homesteader


I have been researching and reading for over a year planning for our homestead-this is one of the books I started with. We are Weekend Homesteaders right now as in order to get a little more savings established, I am still working the 9 to 5.

Anna Hess did a great job with this book- it is not necessarily a do this on this month book. You can pick what tasks you can complete- and there are some great, quick projects.

She breaks down projects by the goal, cost, time, difficulty and if it is kid-friendly or not. We can get the whole family involved! There are pictures to walk you through the tasks also. There are 4 “projects” listed for each month- and plenty of good advice to go with it.

This is a great book for anyone starting out and great for the part timers like me right now!

For instance- there is a project on surveying your sites- yes something that may not cost anything but does take some time and is completely necessary. I knew planning was a good portion of homesteading- because without proper planning- you may run into some problems. No big deal on that- because that is how we learn- and you can’t fix a problem without encountering it. It talks about mapping your yard and mapping the sunlight. It talks about mapping your paths and then how to use the maps. It is great information- and did bring up some things I never would have thought of.

Topics in the book range from- planting, gardening, seed saving, planning, composting, freezing and drying food, rain barrels, chicken coops, budgets, essential tools, stocking up, setting goals, and more! I suggest you check it out!

I did not get paid to write this review- I just wanted to share my findings with others because I love expanding my mind and love reading.

Want me to review your book? Shoot me a message! I love editing too- I am a grammar and spelling freak!

Last weekend progress..

I am late in posting our last weekend progress- but this week has seemed to be a downfall. My car broke on Saturday afternoon, and the hubby didn’t have a chance to look at it since we had a benefit motorcycle ride in the plans for someone my hubby knew. I am blessed that my in laws have a car I can borrow- which means this weekend will be full of looking at the car to see what is wrong.

wp-1475194423371.jpgThe start of my compost pile- we still have to get the other pallets nailed up- but it took hubby a good few hours using the auger (thank God for good friends!) to dig into the clay for the posts. It will have some expanding after awhile but for now I will have a one part compost once we get the other pallets up.


It was a nice day for a ride- and I almost got sick from the heat- thank goodness I didn’t wear a tank top- but totally worth it. A day spent in the wind with my hubby and donating some money for a good cause- to raise some funds for a funeral.

Hope you had a great weekend last weekend, I know we did- even with the car breaking!