Last weekend progress..

I am late in posting our last weekend progress- but this week has seemed to be a downfall. My car broke on Saturday afternoon, and the hubby didn’t have a chance to look at it since we had a benefit motorcycle ride in the plans for someone my hubby knew. I am blessed that my in laws have a car I can borrow- which means this weekend will be full of looking at the car to see what is wrong.

wp-1475194423371.jpgThe start of my compost pile- we still have to get the other pallets nailed up- but it took hubby a good few hours using the auger (thank God for good friends!) to dig into the clay for the posts. It will have some expanding after awhile but for now I will have a one part compost once we get the other pallets up.


It was a nice day for a ride- and I almost got sick from the heat- thank goodness I didn’t wear a tank top- but totally worth it. A day spent in the wind with my hubby and donating some money for a good cause- to raise some funds for a funeral.

Hope you had a great weekend last weekend, I know we did- even with the car breaking!


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