Book Review- The Weekend Homesteader


I have been researching and reading for over a year planning for our homestead-this is one of the books I started with. We are Weekend Homesteaders right now as in order to get a little more savings established, I am still working the 9 to 5.

Anna Hess did a great job with this book- it is not necessarily a do this on this month book. You can pick what tasks you can complete- and there are some great, quick projects.

She breaks down projects by the goal, cost, time, difficulty and if it is kid-friendly or not. We can get the whole family involved! There are pictures to walk you through the tasks also. There are 4 “projects” listed for each month- and plenty of good advice to go with it.

This is a great book for anyone starting out and great for the part timers like me right now!

For instance- there is a project on surveying your sites- yes something that may not cost anything but does take some time and is completely necessary. I knew planning was a good portion of homesteading- because without proper planning- you may run into some problems. No big deal on that- because that is how we learn- and you can’t fix a problem without encountering it. It talks about mapping your yard and mapping the sunlight. It talks about mapping your paths and then how to use the maps. It is great information- and did bring up some things I never would have thought of.

Topics in the book range from- planting, gardening, seed saving, planning, composting, freezing and drying food, rain barrels, chicken coops, budgets, essential tools, stocking up, setting goals, and more! I suggest you check it out!

I did not get paid to write this review- I just wanted to share my findings with others because I love expanding my mind and love reading.

Want me to review your book? Shoot me a message! I love editing too- I am a grammar and spelling freak!


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