Here comes the chickens..


For an early birthday present this past weekend, we went to a local farm and I bought some teenager chickens to start my flock. I thought I was getting 2 Blue Jersey Giants and a Silkie- but I have a Jersey Giant- A Silkie – and A Brama.

The Silkie is Sheldon’s- she picked her out and she is so docile- but from what I understand most Silkies are.


The spotted one is the Brama and it is my other daughter Tooty’s- for all intensive purposes. She doesn’t like the chickens- so she just throws treats and looks at them from afar. Her name is Violet.


Then there is my chicken- she is the Jersey Giant and her name is Spaz. Named rightfully so- she is the quirky one of the bunch.


So there you have it- my new girls- Update later this week on them.


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