Learning with Chickens..

Sheldon’s poor Silkie is sick. We brought her home sick – and that makes me feel like a horrible mom/chicken mom. This is definitely a learning curve. I will always make sure when we go look at chickens that I fully check them over before bringing home, and there will always be a quarantine period. We brought the chickens home last Saturday. Sunday I discovered she was sick- and had to order meds from Amazon because Tractor Supply didn’t have any. That started the electrolytes- probiotics every day for all 3 girls. Wednesday the meds got here, and I mixed them up and started my girls on them. Thursday night Bella didn’t look so good- and wasn’t very responsive.  So we have segregated her to the crate in the laundry room- she was gasping. I for sure thought I was going to come home from work and have a dead girl. Needless to say, she surprised me- she is more alert today- and I am not sure she has eaten anything- and she is still gasping- but I am going to try my best to get her back to health. Any tips tricks or advice will be gladly taken. I am medicating the other girls for the time period just in case since Violet was sneezing slightly and they both have been exposed. I was going to try more natural ways- but she just took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t bear to lose all three- so antibiotics it is. Also I have heard they are not going to carry the powder antibiotics over the counter so to say starting in Jan 17- so I may be getting some for my stockpile. I have had chickens for all of 3 days and the sick kit has started. I am trying to be positive regarding it- but I did jump a little, and didn’t look them over before we brought them home.


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