Thoughts on Pinterest.. and doing it all…

Don’t get me wrong- most of my best ideas I get from Pinterest- But you can definitely get sucked in and it can cause some problems.

I can get sucked into Pinterest for hours looking at ideas. So I do have to limit myself- right now I am organizing my boards- I used to think less is more- but then I remember I pinned something awesome and can’t find it- so here comes some organization- and that should make sure I actually use the information I pin. I am sure I have plenty of doubles in there.

It can cause problems too- like jealousy of all these people that “do it all.” We are only one person and can’t “do it all,” hence the name of my blog. I am a hot mess, and I don’t expect that to change any. I do fly by the seat of my pants a lot- but I do like my research also. I don’t want to paint the picture perfect homestead- because that is what you see on blogs. I want you to see the nitty gritty the ups and downs- the failures and the wonderful successes. Because that is where we learn- we learn from mistakes- and no one is perfect. It will probably take me a year or more to get to where I want to be. But I don’t want everyone to think I am perfect- because there is no such thing as perfect. And if I can do it so can you! So have that for some inspiration and join me on this journey!


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