Death on the homestead.. and chicken update

So this weekend we discovered our first Death on the homestead. It is inevitable- you will have deaths- I am just sad this is not one we planned on (I do plan on getting a batch of broilers-as I don’t think I can eat my layer girls)- it was from sickness.  We had to put poor Bella down- she just wasn’t getting any better and just kept getting worse. I thought I could nurse her back to health but it did not work. I really thought the kids would be more upset- but I am glad they took it so well. I was totally heartbroken and crying- but I think I was more invested as I was the one who was medicating and checking on her. It was Sheldon’s chicken but she did come home sick and we knew she may not make it. I know have learned a lesson and will be checking them out fully before we bring them home.

On better news, Spaz and Violet are doing great- I have to clean the coop this weekend. They are becoming little fatties, and now come to see me some when I go to the coop at night- by the way this is when they are fed, so I am sure it has something to do with it.

I was very worried Dixie would not mesh with my girls- but she has totally taken ownership. One of them yelled at the other one- and Dixie went running to check on them. She is always underfoot when we do anything near the coop and doesn’t like it when the girls sound as if we are bothering them. We left last weekend for a little bit and noticed her laying outside the coop like a good little guard dog. Makes me so proud and relieved.


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