Seeds of the Month Club review..

I joined Mike the Gardner Seeds of the Month Club from reviews that I have seen. I have been waiting over a year to join because now I actually have the room to have a garden. There are many perks to joining. I won’t list them all- you can go check it out on the web site. I can just tell you that they ship fast- I got my first packet within 2 weeks of joining. I am on my third month now- and will share the seeds I got. Please don’t think you will get the same seeds- everyone is different and they send seeds based on your growing area. They are all heirloom, non- GMO seeds, which is very exciting! Seed saving here I come!


This was my first shipment after joining- I joined in August. I am very excited to try the cucumbers, and kohlrabi. These have been exposing me to different varieties that I don’t know if I would have tried otherwise.


This is my second shipment for September 2016. I think I am most excited about the basil and I am interested in trying Eggplant.


This is my most recent shipment- October 2016. I am excited about the Cilantro and the Corn Salad sounds interesting.

Here is a link to the FAQ page to learn more!

FAQ Page 


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