My experience with a deer leg…

So it was a Friday night and the kiddos and I were hanging out over a friends house when my husband texted me and told me a guy at work was giving us some deer meat. Heck yeah! I was so excited! Hubby works second shift- so we were doing this over text- he got off around 11:30 pm that night, and texted me- see conversation below-

Hubby: What do you want me to do with the meat?

Me: Put in in the freezer please.

Hubby: (sends a picture) I don’t think this will fit in the freezer- do we have a bag big enough for it?

Me: (after seeing picture) Uhm, no, that’s a whole leg- I’ll be home in a few so we can butcher it- why didn’t you tell me I’d have to cut it up?

1478933848828.jpgSorry for the blurry picture- the hubby took it! Mind you I was up since 5 that morning since I couldn’t sleep and had to work that day- I got home at midnight and was cutting up meat and trimming it for 2 hours. After an hour and half- I asked hubby to finish since I felt so tired that I thought the knife would slip.

I did have to youtube a video to see how to cut it properly- my first time cutting up a deer leg. I was grateful for the years of sitting and watching my dad fillet fish. I know I have the skills I need to survive some now! One more thing ticked off the goal list!

I am so grateful for friends- he gave us a whole leg- and a loin. So now I have 40 lbs of free meat in my freezer- gladly I will butcher it at any time if he wants to give us meat! I can’t say how much I appreciate his kind gesture! See the picture of all the meat we trimmed below!



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