An addition to the family..

We gained an addition to the family- a beautiful Texas A & M Quail. She was supposed to go to a friend’s house as they already have a male Coturnix Quail. But on the way home, Sheldon decided she wanted to keep her. Her name is Sunshine. She has become another one of my favorites, and I can not wait until Spring to find some more to have more quail. She has lived a pretty lonely life by herself- and has had trouble before with another group- so I am hoping by bringing in babies- they won’t beat her up!


I have a lot to learn about Quail- and her and I have come to terms. Quail like to fly- unlike chickens- so needless to say – the first time Sheldon went to give her water- she flew the coop. Luckily Dixie didn’t chase her- and we did get her back in the box. She and I have an agreement- when I feed and water her- she stays at the back of the box.

My first recommendation is that you build the house before you bring home an animal. We are still working on the coop- and I feel so bad that she doesn’t have a bigger home right now- but it works for her- she doesn’t mind. I do though! Pictures of the coop we built to come later- but for now here is our beauty! (I keep trying to call her a Dove!)



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