Eggs, tiny little eggs..

Today I went to check on Sunshine’s water and what to my eyes should appear…a tiny little egg at the front of the cage. I squealed in excitement! I heard her this morning calling, and it didn’t register that she may be laying. She hasn’t laid anything since we got her- and she was laying one egg a day- so I figured with the move- and the crazy weather she just wasn’t going to lay for awhile. It was so tiny- and cute- and now I wish I had a male so we could have quail chicks. Although from what I hear- they aren’t good mamas, but we will see.


So I went to get my daughter off the bus since I had stayed home with Tooty as we had to make sure she was fever free for 24 hours (she got sick at school and had to picked up- took a nap and spiked a fever- but after Tylenol and a bath- today she has been fine- no fever and no sick and no stomachache- she said she got hot at school- and yes- my kids throw up when they get too hot)- came back to give her some food and water- and there were 4 more eggs in there. She had moved 3 to the front and had one hid in the back- the oldest egg- so I took them all. She was upset- so we gave her one back- it had a small crushed spot on it- and now she is happy as can be. Do quail get broody? I heard they don’t really. Not like she can have any hatch- we don’t have a male to fertilize.


I am like a giddy school girl because we have little quail eggs- which makes me want more quail soon! If you have any advice- I sure would take it! Sunshine and I have a good bond so far- and I hope to have more quail- she is so pretty! I may get into breeding!


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