A little weekend fun.. and rain, lots of rain..

This weekend was packed with things to do- we do have a project list a mile long- but some much needed rain came in. I am definitely not complaining- we are still under a burn ban here in Alabama and I am not sure about the drought status at this moment. Supposedly it is supposed to rain until Tuesday- again I am not complaining, because Lort we needed the rain! But it did put a halt on the projects this weekend since it rained and everything is soaking wet. I don’t want to work with power tools without a garage! My poor chicken girls are walking in mud- but I was smart enough to move the food into the coop- so it wasn’t rained on and I had to refresh it again!

We went to the Festival of Trees for Girl Scouts this weekend for Sheldon to earn a patch. She wasn’t into it that much, but she went and did the required activities. The fun part was they got to make ornaments for our tree- they are still in my car- thanks for reminding me! And I haven’t taken a picture yet. They also got to make hot chocolate reindeers- picture to follow- and bring home. Sheldon wasn’t too excited about pictures with Santa- but she is 10 and apparently too old for that! But I am glad her troop leader got her to take a picture!

Sheldon’s is on the left, Tooty’s on the right! And we may have found an awesome Christmas gift for friends! Hot Chocolate reindeer!


So I will leave you with 2 pictures of the girls with Santa from the Festival of Trees for Girl Scouts this weekend- I didn’t even think to get a picture of them both together- my brain apparently wasn’t functioning- but when does it ever?


Picture of Tooty- courtesy of the hubby! By the way- she made that amazing shirt at school! And I absolutely love it!


Picture of Sheldon- the funny thing was Santa told her he would bring her a better sweatshirt come Christmas and said those words we do not utter in our home! Roll tide yall! If that tells you anything- and we all just laughed!


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