A list of projects..

I expect yall to keep me on task with my goals! Right now, the weather has put a halt on projects. The much needed rain Alabama needed is here. But these are my goals for the next 2 or 3 months.


  1. Finish the quail coop. (So we can move Sunshine into a proper home. Plan is to get at least 6 more girls and one male so we can have babies.)
  2. Set up the rain barrel. (This should have been done already- but no biggie because we would have had to drain it soon so it wouldn’t freeze- and any tips on helping it not freeze would be helpful.)
  3. Rearrange the compost pile and finish the other bin for it.
  4. Make the plans for my bigger chicken coop. ( Plan is to get at least 6 more chickens, and 2 roosters, I may be separating the girls so I can eventually sell eggs or babies with their breed specific.)
  5. Clean out the shed- and reorganize it. (So I can store more things in there.)
  6. Help my mother-in-law get the shed and little house cleaned out. (Which means going through and decluttering some of our things- which may mean I find the rest of my Christmas decorations!)
  7. Make the herb planters.
  8. Plan out the garden.
  9. Order the fruit tree package from a local farm- they normally have a sale in January.
  10. Work on building a backdrop for the girls and us to shoot, whether it be arrows or bullets- we are going to try to practice.

I am sure this list will grow bigger as some things get checked off- and as the weather changes so we have more things to do. Do you have any plans for the next few months while the weather is cool and there is not much to do?


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