My Quirky Quail..


We have been getting about an egg every other day. Female Quail do make noises. Normally it is around 6 am when she starts calling. The only thing I can think is that, that is when she lays. I am hopeful to get her actual coop finished soon, so we can get some more in the Spring. I have learned, she likes her fresh water. Right now I don’t have a regular waterer, because she is still in her “cage,” but she doesn’t try to get out anymore. I thought she was going to last night because I was putting her water in there, but she just wanted water.

She usually rolls her eggs up front to the cage, if I don’t get them in a timely manner, she rolls them back and buries them in her “nest.” It is pretty funny actually. I think Sunshine and I have come to an understanding.  She is picky when I give her some extra seed , and I am not sure why, but she flings her food and her seed everywhere. Ie: as soon as I put it in there, she is flinging it. I am hoping next weekend we can have the coop done so I can put her in there, but she may stop laying. It took her awhile to start laying again, she was laying an egg a day from our friend’s house. So I am hoping this doesn’t disturb her more. I wish I had a male and some more females in hopes that we could have our own. I want to breed them.

I have been learning as we go on this Quail journey. Quail are kind of disgusting- she gets poop and seed in her water every day. Once she has the coop- I am going to see if we put the waterer like the chickens have if that will make a difference. In Spring, I am sure we will learn more. So I will keep you updated.


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