Sunday Funday..

Well Sunday started out like any good ol’ weekend day. It ended quite miraculous actually. I woke up to go ahead and get some laundry and cleaning done, while the hubs was helping his father with something. He didn’t get home until later in the afternoon- so plans changed a bit. We went to the Walmart- I prefer if I didn’t have to- but I needed some things for a project, and of course came out with way more because I had the kids and the hubby. We got some more gloves for Sheldon to donate to the Veteran’s Home with her Beta Club project. I asked her about the KKid’s project, and apparently only she and one other child donated skid proof socks for the nursing home. I did buy myself another pair of gloves, because somehow I don’t have any, and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts.  A bunch of money later and we came home to unload before going back out in the car.

We did see some people we know in Walmart- which is a funny story about how Tooty found out where we were going. We were headed to the drive through for dinner at Milo’s. We don’t get to eat there very often- Milo’s is expensive. I had told Tooty to be good we were going to a surprise after we had gotten supper. She said, “I know we are going to see lights.” I looked at hubby and said, “YOU told her??” He looked at me and said, “No.” Then she proceeded to say, “I heard Finch say it.” Both hubby and I busted out laughing. Finch is the hubby’s boss, and she happened to be with hubby when he was talking with him in Walmart. So there you have it, the kid has ears!

But on to the wonderful night- We went to Shadrack’s Light Show at the Birmingham Race Course. You do have to pay to get in- but it is totally worth it. I got a few pictures and a video to share- the big theme was the 12 days of Christmas, and let me tell you it is awesome. We tuned in to the station they request- as they have the lights timed to the music. I felt like a little kid again. So see some of our pics below- and if you are in the area- I encourage you to go. We love seeing beautiful lights, and getting to watch light shows!

Two turtle doves, and Three French Hens- of course- I loved the French Hens!
Part of the Fours Birds Calling, Look at the owl!
I think this was my favorite part- Jesus is the reason for the season y’all!

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