Christmas Goodies…

Bless my Mom- she is amazing! We were talking on the phone one night- I live 1200 miles away from all my family y’all- about how I wanted to get some tablecloths and cloth napkins for my table. So for my birthday in October- I received some adorable Halloween kitchen towels, beautiful Fall placemats and 2 sets of matching napkins, a cute pumpkin spoon rest, a cute wooden fabric sign for Halloween, and a set of placemats and napkins for non- holidays. She had so much fun shopping- that I got a surprise package a week ago with some Christmas Goodies. We were talking on the phone about Holidays and trying to figure out what I did and didn’t have, I did mention I didn’t have anything with Santa on it, by the way she had already bought my stuff to send- which is funny. Well she is awesome- I received a cute Santa spoon rest for my stove. I also got beautiful winter placemats, a set of 4 Christmas napkins (which we did talk about how I LOVE gingerbread men),  a set of 4 winter napkins (they remind me of the country), some Winter bathroom hand towels(polar bears y’all!), some Christmas bathroom hand towels(Ho, Ho, Ho in the perfect color to match my monkey bathroom), and an adorable set of kitchen Christmas towels- she already sent the winter Kitchen towels. My Christmas kitchen towels are adorable- kittens with Santa hats and lights wove in between! She spoils me greatly!

I am also attaching a picture of Tooty’s homemade ornaments from school- these always happen to be my favorite. I love the adorable ornaments. I have to write down which ones she made on my list of ornaments so we can keep track of whose is whose. I think when we undecorated the tree this year, we use old popcorn tins to put our ornaments in- I will designate a bin for each girl and then one for the hubs and I. What is your favorite ornament?

Not sure why it is flipped sideways- and I can not figure out how to edit. Sheldon has a few matching ones!


My Christmas Napkin, Winter Napkin, and you can’t see the detail really good on the placemats- they are red and soft with gold snowflakes that sparkle with the embroidery!

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