And the sickness halts the plans..

We all know sickness has been going around. I have tried to prevent it as much as I could. But it just hit Thursday night. I was so cold that I had to use 3 blankets to get warm and shivered for an hour before I fell asleep. So I got up to go to work- put on my Ugly Christmas Sweater and headed in. I almost fell asleep 4 times at work before I found out the boss would let me go to the doctor. I was trying to make it- but I knew I couldn’t. They worked me in pretty fast- I was only there for an hour and half, and part of that was a breathing treatment. 4 Meds later- which luckily they gave me a coupon for my inhaler so I wouldn’t have to pay for it- and I went home to rest. I fell asleep and still feel like crud. Upper respiratory is kicking my butt. I did get a steroid and antibiotic shot so hopefully in the morning I will feel much better. This weekend we planned on finishing the Quail Coop, putting up the outside lights, baking some cookies, visiting Santa one last time at Bass Pro Shops and finishing shopping. I don’t know how much I will get done. I’m going to take the time and rest so I can be up to par for Christmas so my girls don’t have miserable Mommy.

Here’s to hoping you don’t catch the sickness! What are yall doing this weekend?


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