Pre- Christmas Weekend Fun..

The lights this year- Rudolph and Bumble were a day before Christmas add! I found them in the Dollar General clearance. I can’t wait to see what we can add next year.

I couldn’t muster up much energy the weekend before Christmas. I did end up sick- what a bummer. So I mustered enough energy to supervise the girls making their Gingerbread Barns- they turned out so cute! We don’t even eat them- but put it out for the birds/animals in the woods to eat. Then the next day, I mustered up enough energy to supervise putting up the outside lights. This year we started new- not much was bought before hand- but we do add one or two things every year. We lost everything at the other house- and that depresses me- but I love lights- and love decorating for the girls and others to enjoy. I can say the hubby had a great idea to add those little hooks that screw in so we can hang the lights. Yes I may have hooks all down my house- but decorating and undecorating will be so easy! Great idea! So here are some pictures to enjoy…


Sheldon and her barn!
Tooty and her barn! Gotta love the tractor!

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