Christmas Fun-

We have been enjoying family time. We had a great weekend. It started with Cookies with Santa at our work on Thursday- and I love the picture- it is one of the only ones we have of our whole family recently. Friday the girls did not have daycare and we got off work early at 1- so they got to hang out at work with me for a little bit- while hubby came in (we work at the same place- I go in at 7-7:30 and he comes in at 1:30- he works second shift..)- and then we got to spend some time together- which was awesome!


Christmas Eve, I hosted dinner with the in-laws. I made stuffed shells- Italian is a new tradition- and quick and easy for me to cook. We opened presents with the in-laws, and everyone enjoyed their gifts. I don’t have many pictures because we were just enjoying the time. Christmas Eve day- we opened presents from my mom- she always ships hers. Both my Grandma and my dad send us money/amazon gift cards- so it is always hard to decide what we want to spend it on. I always love seeing what my mom gets us- she does such a great job picking out gifts.  We got to open our Christmas Eve presents- another tradition came down from my family- new pjs to wear that night. The hubby and I got matching pants and the girls both got Star Wars.

Tooty on Christmas Eve- she loves clothes- what 6 year old asks for clothes for Christmas? Mine does!


Sheldon on Christmas Eve- She loves books- and got some classics! We love buying books as gifts too!


Christmas day we woke up and the girls got to open their stockings. That is the rule we had when I was a kid- that we could open stockings before Mom got up- and then we could get Mom up- so we continued that with my girls. They were very excited- Santa did not wrap presents this year- and they both got new bikes. Tooty was so excited- and rode hers all day. I got a necklace from the hubby and I was surprised- he ordered and got it from the mail without me knowing! He took the girls shopping this year and they did a great job. Tooty still needs to learn a little more-she tends to pick what she wants- but she loves to give gifts and with some guidance will do a great job. She did get me a mother- daughter necklace- awesome! I also continued the tradition of a pack of underwear for Christmas- and both girls laughed when they opened them. Sheldon did a great job- I normally have to borrow the large pitcher from a friend- but now I have 2 for when we have people come over!

Sheldon and her bike- we just have to work over her fear- and get her to learn how to ride!


Tooty and her bike- I don’t think she will have the training wheels for long. She is a riding machine! Notice the missing front tooth!

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