DIY- Compost bin.

One of the first projects we got completed was the compost bin. It sits behind the shed at the back of the property. By the way- that sits about 300 foot or less from the back door.

We are lucky- hubby brings home pallets from work- that would have otherwise gone in the landfill where we work. So all this cost us was the 2- 4 x 4’s. We had screws laying around from various other projects. We will be adding another section next to it. I like the open front so I can turn it. I do use a pitchfork, and it lives by the pile.

Hubby measured out the back pallet- and then we dug the holes with an auger a friend let us borrow. It was much easier than with the shovel- it was rocky- clay soil back there. Once the poles were in- he screw the pallets to the 4 x 4’s. A very easy project!

DIY- Compost bin.


I have been a bad compost mom, not turning or watering as much as I should. Which is why I have potatoes growing on the bottom. I turned it all over today, added the chicken coop shavings from the clean out- and then it rained. I am going to make sure at least once a week, I go turn it. I am sure it needs more turning- but there is a bunch of hay in it, and I believe it needs more of something else as it is not decomposing that well. I asked the girls to add some hay because there wasn’t much at the bottom at all- and they placed a whole bale in it. So of course I had to take some out. See below for my potato evidence! If you have any tips for me- go ahead and share. We really don’t have much food waste to go in right now. I need to figure out what else it needs- besides turning and watering a little more often!

See the potato growth on the left? And also note I didn’t shred the newspaper- my bad! This was before I added coop shavings from where I cleaned it out.

Rain makes it hard…

Violet says hello!


So we have been getting a decent amount of rain this week. I totally needed some sun to finish some projects. I am happy that we are receiving rain so maybe drought conditions won’t be that bad this year- but man does my yard look horrible!

This is the spot from where we moved the coop. Yuck!


We did get the chicken coop moved, and boy am I glad we did. I also laid some hay down on the ground because they had already tore up the grass where we moved it.

The girls freaked over the hay being added- so I gave them a block to enjoy!


I am so glad I own a pair of bogs, they definitely helped in the project list this weekend.

My new bogs- and I definitely didn’t get my feet wet! A whole part of my back yard looks like this!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had a fair amount of rain this week- and Lord knows I am not complaining. But it sure does put a hack in my plans because we don’t have an inside work space to build. So it has put a serious halt. Also my whole yard is mud. I will have to show you pictures. We did get a chance to move the chicken coop- my poor girls ended up with mud on them. I wanted to cry- but it gave me a chance this morning to wear my boots. I finally got a pair that I can fit into! I broke down and ordered a pair of Bogs. I ordered a cute pair- but they were out of stock so I picked another pair- and thanks Bogs I got a coupon code since the original ones were out of stock! That is very good customer service.

Let me tell you, I love them so much- here is the pair that I bought on Amazon- I did buy mine direct from Bogs though!

Teal Bogs

Funny story- I was so excited my boots were here on Friday night- I had to open the package and try them on! Let me tell you- do not put them on without socks- my foot got stuck and it was the funniest thing to see me trying to get them off! I almost fell over! But it was a good thing I had them- because when we moved the chicken coop- it was nice to have a pair of shoes I didn’t have to worry about getting muddy- that is their purpose y’all! They fit much better with socks by the way! I did get the taller ones, and I think for my birthday I will ask for a pair of the shorter ones. Just so I can slip them on and off easier. I love having a bright pair too! If you haven’t learned teal, purple and black are my favorite colors!

I endorse buying a pair of Bogs- they came recommended and now I see why! They do carry a bunch of different options- I just got a plain rain boot and I think it may have started an addiction! So feel free to click on my link and order a pair for yourself!

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January Seed Shipment

So we are all planning gardens- I am a little late on my planning. My 8 to 5 has been hectic so I am not able to do my planning like I normally have been. It has been extremely crazy. So when my January Shipment came in- I got a little excited! I am hoping to find the time to plan some garden space this weekend. Also to plan how we are going to build raised beds- or if I am going to till and go straight into the ground.

I was very excited about my seeds this month- the peas look so delicious, and watermelon makes me think about summer! I know the chickens and we will enjoy that harvest!

Now the herbs- I can’t wait to try my hand at these- and look into drying them so I can store my own and not have to buy them anymore. Parsley, oregano, and basil- something we all use- and brings together a great Italian seasoning. I am planning my herb garden tonight as I lay awake thinking about harvests. I have a spot laid out- I am going to measure it and then plan which methods I am going to use. After the plan is together I will be sure to share. Maybe someone can hold me accountable!

Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!




So we did have some more fun this weekend. I discovered eggs! My girls are laying! Want to hear the funny story behind it? Well- I am going to tell you- I am a bad chicken mom!

This is the awesome tin egg basket my mom got me for my Birthday! I am so glad it can now hold my eggs! And it is purpled, my favorite color! Love it!


Sheldon and I were outside taking down the outside Christmas decorations, watching out for the ant mounds. We are going to have to treat…and I just happened to stop by the coop to talk to the girls. I screeched- and it is unusual for me to screech y’all- and Sheldon and the hubby came running. “Egg- we have an egg!” So of course- it was laying below their ladder to get into the coop, so Sheldon got it out- and we starting checking their boxes to see if there was any more. 8- 8 more lovely eggs in the coop. I should have been a better chicken momma and checked- but I didn’t expect them to lay for at least another month- since we have been having crazy hot/cold snaps. Well I will start checking every day now. I was so excited- I called my friend, and then called my mom- and of course posted it on Facebook. I am so excited for come Spring to get some more chickens!

Our First 9 eggs!

Weekend fun on the homestead..

This weekend was a good weekend. I needed a sanity day after a hectic week at work so Saturday we went over a friends house, and hung out for most of the day. They have goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, a male quail, and bees. Well I was sad to sit that most of the bees died, so they are going to have to get a new nuc. The turkeys kill me- as I was walking down the length of their pen- the females just sat and talked away. And I did have fun gobbling at Jake- the male. I am sad to sad I did not take any pictures, but I do enjoy going to hang out with my homesteading friends. We have so much in common- and our children get along well. We always have a lot of fun when we get together!

See MJ- she was born January 2nd. I did happen to tell the hubby I need this in my life. But we did agree that I can not bring any animals home until a proper home is built/established. So I guess baby goaties are not in my future right now. They have 3 goats- now 4- MJ (the baby), Emmy (who may be kidding soon), AJ, and Millie. Millie is the momma and AJ is the daddy. AJ is a jerk y’all. I seriously don’t know if I want a male goat, he is not people friendly.  So enjoy this picture- the one I did get of me and MJ, I seriously need this in my life y’all.

MJ looks like she is smiling y’all!

Awesome Gift y’all!

My stepmom and dad usually send us an Amazon gift card for Christmas. It is hard to choose what you want to buy though? I ordered a pair of rain boots that don’t fit- so now I must look for another, it is hard when it’s rainy season for me to go feed and do animals since I do not have an appropriate footwear. I may have to buy a men’s pair because I have feet the size of an alligator, well I wear a women’s 12, and need wide. Do you know how hard it is to find cute shoes? Right now I think I must give up on cute though and go practical.

So I looked over Amazon and decided to order a dehydrator. I have been wanting one for awhile- and have had this in my wishlist for some time. I am excited to be able to use it, and am looking up recipes for some things now. If you have any tips or tricks- please comment! I am always excited to learn things!


I did get a fruit roll sheet- and if the girls decide they like them- I will look into purchasing some more. The mesh screens are supposed to be for blueberries and tomatoes- I read the reviews. I can’t wait to take it out of the box and try it! It took me awhile looking online to find one I liked that was a good starter in my price range. Look forward to some dehydrating adventures in the future! See links below for purchase details.

Mesh Screen 

Fruit Roll Tray


Did you get any awesome homestead gifts for Christmas?

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Weather and Sickness-

So we bit the bullet and took Tooty to the doctor. We went to UrgentCare since that was all that was open. We got there a few minutes before noon- we were trying to wait until the roads thawed a little more. I was a nervous wreck even though we borrowed a 4wd. Oh lort- it was an adventure- nothing happened other than I was nervous. When I was signing in they told us there was only one doctor there and it was a 2 hour wait. Well, I think the kiddo had strep so this momma said ok. And glad I planned for a bit of a wait and she took a bag with some things. The hubby went ahead and went to Walmart to get some things so we wouldn’t have to wait until way later. I did have to specify some on the list though and I am proud of him- all that was extra was a pack of pens, so he had something to cross off on the list!

We finally got back to a room- well after another hour- I asked them when we were going to see the doctor. We had 5 more patients in front of us. Low and behold she had Step and some scarlatina ( Don’t ask how to spell it- and spell check doesn’t know either.) So of course he wanted to give her a shot- oh boy! That little one is strong- it did take 2 nurses and both hubby and I to make sure she could get the shot. Alls well that ends well, and we are praying the rest of us don’t get sick. So we ended up getting McDonald’s because that is what she requested. Eh, this momma will treat her to it- especially since we were all starving. It was certainly a long day. Hubby stayed home with her today and then went into work when I got home- I am so thankful for an understanding boss.

It was chilly this morning and I was so worried about driving, I made it to work and home. Now getting ready to send both girls to school tomorrow, and this momma to work.

Let me just leave this thought with y’all, I told you Alabama has some crazy weather. Just look at this forecast!


Weekend Update…

The weekend is not over yet- we have a full day today still to go. I checked the update from our EMA on the roads this morning- because I do have to do some grocery shopping and we have to take Tooty to the doctor. I discovered late Friday night, we may have a case of strep in the house, so I want them to test for it just to check. It looks like the sun is coming out- and is only 10 degrees outside. That is cold for us y’all. So we will have to go borrow a car from my in-laws as my new car is not AWD or 4WD, and I don’t want to chance anything happening to it.

I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday, other than organizing the pantry- which I was unable to get an inventory, but it is much easier to see where and what I have now. I am working on consuming the box goods and my intent is to not buy anymore and to start making everything myself. I cooked brats last night for dinner and ended up with burn of the hearts for most of the night. I woke up this morning to go outside and let the dog out of the laundry room. We keep Dixie in there when it is too cold because it is heated and she can’t be in the house. She comes out like a Spring chicken y’all. It is kind of hilarious. Her water is frozen solid, and we are working on a trial to see if we can get it to where it doesn’t freeze. I also worked on the chicken waterer and there will be a post if it works. I am not letting the cat out of the bag because that is for another post.

I did give the girls a flock block yesterday and Violet had me cracking up, instead of trying to get it out with her beak, she was using her foot to try to knock pieces off on the ground. It was funny- I so wish I had been able to get a video. They are out this morning bugging me for food, but I have to get some chips in there before the ground unfreezes. Mud complicates things and I don’t have a place to move the coop right now. So I will have to bundle up and get out there to do some work.

We did not get much done this weekend, but it was nice to  be able to just not do anything so far. Sometimes I think you need a day of rest and just thinking. But my brain likes to think y’all and it gets hard for me to focus, so that is why I carry the random notebook. It has notes for everything in it. I have to find a way to organize that. I will be working on a homestead binder today, and work on planning some more layout. I think I changed my mind from the original way I wanted to place everything. We only live on 3/4 of an acre, so bigger livestock is not possible much. I may have to outsource that for now. This is why I am a planner- I don’t want to have to move something because it is in the wrong place. We will also be working on going over goals with the girls to let them know what the plan is for this year. Sheldon is a planner and she is enjoying the idea of having a mini-farm so to say- but Tooty I am unsure of right now. Sheldon is very happy to help and she loves the animals so much. I can’t wait until Spring when we can get some more!

For now- here is a picture of the girls yesterday morning- I am bad about taking pictures y’all- please forgive me!


Violet is behind the block, and Spaz is up front. They are growing so fast and I love going out and talking to them. And yes that is a Quail water jug because that is what I had while I unfroze the big water jug. I feel so bad that there is mud in there- that is why the chips go down today!

Snow in Alabama?

They are calling for bad weather here in Alabama, which usually means we have to hunker down. It started sleeting and they called the trucks in from work and we all went home early today. Any inclination of bad weather and the whole state pretty much shuts down. The girls school pretty much called it yesterday.

By the way, that is James Spann- the local meteorologist that everyone trusts. So this means I get to start early on my plans for the weekend, and it kind of changes plans depending on the weather. Next Friday it is supposed to be warmer- we have crazy weather here y’all. Plan A- get some things organized!

I hope everyone is doing well! I will have some more posts this weekend to catch up!