Happy New Year- 2017 Goals!

I have plenty of goals for 2017. 2016 was a year of firsts, and goals smashed. We were so busy in 2016 that we did not get a lot accomplished.

In 2016-

  1. We bought our house. This added a mortgage- but we are on a 15 year mortgage and will be trying to pay this off early. I pay a small amount extra each month.
  2. We bought a car because mine had finally bit the dust. This did give us a car payment- and we have a 6 year plan to pay it off. Luckily my father in law cosigned so we were able to get interest free. We are planning on paying this off within 2 to 3 years if not sooner.
  3. We started off with chickens. We had 3, lost one, but the other 2 girls are growing, and they make me happy.
  4. We acquired a Texas A &M quail. She is quite the character.
  5. I got my compost bin started and built. (I am late on the post but with the rain we have had lately, I haven’t been able to take any pictures.

I am looking at our goals for the New Year- what can we get accomplished?

  1. Personal- Quit Smoking. It will save money and my health. This year I am dead serious on quitting smoking. I am also trying to make the switch from caffeine or other drinks to strictly water. That is a slow progression as I tend to get migraines when I lose the caffeine.
  2.  Quail-Finish the quail coop. We did get started with the coop- but it needs to be finished. We are also looking at buying some more babies. I would like to raise and sell eggs/babies.
  3. Chickens- Build a bigger chicken coop- and get some more chickens. I have 2 separate breeds, and have not decided whether I want roosters or not.
  4. Gardening- Start an herb garden. Plant some fruit trees. Start some seeds and a small garden to manage so we can save more money.
  5. Small Home Organization and Projects- Organize the shed. Clean out the rest of our stuff from my in-laws. Declutter a lot of stuff. We have a few renovation projects to complete, which we already have the supplies for.
  6. Save More Money!
  7. Food Preservation- I got a gift card for Christmas- so I bought a dehydrator. We will start with that. I am also stocking up on canning supplies so I can start with some water bath canning. I have a flat top stove- so we have to look and see if our model will allow us to can, otherwise I will find something else to do.
  8. Cook From Scratch- Right now I am working on getting rid of some premade things in the pantry, but we will start slow with that and making our own bread.
  9. Rain Barrel- Get the rain barrel set up. This does involve buying some gutter guards- but we have material to build a stand for it to sit on.

We may have more as the year goes on- but this is what I have for now. We are slowly going to work on becoming more self- sufficient. I am determined not to buy any more cleaning supplies or pre-made box food and go from there. We will work on the rest at another time. I am so excited to see where this will take us. Expect a goal update at the end of every month- so we can see how well we are working on that. Expect some awesome posts when we do get one or two things completed, as we are trying to use as much materials as we have on hand and trying not to buy anything.

What are your goals for this year? What did you get accomplished last year? I would love to hear how much or little you got accomplished.


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year- 2017 Goals!

  1. We had a big list of goals for last year, and we did actually get quite a bit accomplished, even though it didn’t feel like it. We had a new baby, and we had moved in September of ’15, so I know how long it can take to settle into a new house, especially with kids in the picture. You already did a lot last year, and any change in the right direction is good change, so don’t worry if you don’t get it all done. I think your goals of no longer buying boxed food and making your own homemade cleaners are a really great, easy way to start. It takes time to adjust, but it’s not so bad, and the sooner you begin to make those changes, the sooner you adapt! I just picked one or two things at a time last year to switch and by the end of the year, the only things I was buying in boxes were crackers and noodles…both things I know I can make at home (if I find the time/ambition!).
    Our goals for this year are to finish some yard work projects from last year (tree trimming and in some cases removal…I hate doing that, but we need to in some places), work on getting our work spaces more organized (see, we are over a year in and still need to work on it!), expanding our chicken production, garden and our preservation efforts. There is more we hope to do, but the big thing this year will be to get good at what we are already doing.

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  2. Glad to see others have New Years resolutions! I was getting so bummed continually hearing from others that they weren’t bothering with them this year, “as they never work anyway.”. I’m cheering you on for the quitting smoking, and look forward to the reports of progress! 😀 You go girl!

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