Weekend Update…

The weekend is not over yet- we have a full day today still to go. I checked the update from our EMA on the roads this morning- because I do have to do some grocery shopping and we have to take Tooty to the doctor. I discovered late Friday night, we may have a case of strep in the house, so I want them to test for it just to check. It looks like the sun is coming out- and is only 10 degrees outside. That is cold for us y’all. So we will have to go borrow a car from my in-laws as my new car is not AWD or 4WD, and I don’t want to chance anything happening to it.

I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday, other than organizing the pantry- which I was unable to get an inventory, but it is much easier to see where and what I have now. I am working on consuming the box goods and my intent is to not buy anymore and to start making everything myself. I cooked brats last night for dinner and ended up with burn of the hearts for most of the night. I woke up this morning to go outside and let the dog out of the laundry room. We keep Dixie in there when it is too cold because it is heated and she can’t be in the house. She comes out like a Spring chicken y’all. It is kind of hilarious. Her water is frozen solid, and we are working on a trial to see if we can get it to where it doesn’t freeze. I also worked on the chicken waterer and there will be a post if it works. I am not letting the cat out of the bag because that is for another post.

I did give the girls a flock block yesterday and Violet had me cracking up, instead of trying to get it out with her beak, she was using her foot to try to knock pieces off on the ground. It was funny- I so wish I had been able to get a video. They are out this morning bugging me for food, but I have to get some chips in there before the ground unfreezes. Mud complicates things and I don’t have a place to move the coop right now. So I will have to bundle up and get out there to do some work.

We did not get much done this weekend, but it was nice to  be able to just not do anything so far. Sometimes I think you need a day of rest and just thinking. But my brain likes to think y’all and it gets hard for me to focus, so that is why I carry the random notebook. It has notes for everything in it. I have to find a way to organize that. I will be working on a homestead binder today, and work on planning some more layout. I think I changed my mind from the original way I wanted to place everything. We only live on 3/4 of an acre, so bigger livestock is not possible much. I may have to outsource that for now. This is why I am a planner- I don’t want to have to move something because it is in the wrong place. We will also be working on going over goals with the girls to let them know what the plan is for this year. Sheldon is a planner and she is enjoying the idea of having a mini-farm so to say- but Tooty I am unsure of right now. Sheldon is very happy to help and she loves the animals so much. I can’t wait until Spring when we can get some more!

For now- here is a picture of the girls yesterday morning- I am bad about taking pictures y’all- please forgive me!


Violet is behind the block, and Spaz is up front. They are growing so fast and I love going out and talking to them. And yes that is a Quail water jug because that is what I had while I unfroze the big water jug. I feel so bad that there is mud in there- that is why the chips go down today!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update…

  1. Thanks for posting real life! That was an entertaining read! I hope to start homesteading in the next few years and watch a lot of vlogs to try an educate myself. I think they tend to try and show the best of things though and I really want to be prepared for the REAL. I think that’s what I’ve found in you. Keep blogging!

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    1. Thanks. I don’t believe in glorifying things. Nothing ever goes as planned and we always have something funny happen. I just want readers to know the real nitty gritty! I’m definitely researching but learning as i go! Glad you are a follower…I’m sure I’ll have some more tales with a new year starting!

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      1. Mine is often a pile of random notes and loose sheets of paper, with a few notebooks thrown in. It drives my computer-loving husband crazy 🙂

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