Weather and Sickness-

So we bit the bullet and took Tooty to the doctor. We went to UrgentCare since that was all that was open. We got there a few minutes before noon- we were trying to wait until the roads thawed a little more. I was a nervous wreck even though we borrowed a 4wd. Oh lort- it was an adventure- nothing happened other than I was nervous. When I was signing in they told us there was only one doctor there and it was a 2 hour wait. Well, I think the kiddo had strep so this momma said ok. And glad I planned for a bit of a wait and she took a bag with some things. The hubby went ahead and went to Walmart to get some things so we wouldn’t have to wait until way later. I did have to specify some on the list though and I am proud of him- all that was extra was a pack of pens, so he had something to cross off on the list!

We finally got back to a room- well after another hour- I asked them when we were going to see the doctor. We had 5 more patients in front of us. Low and behold she had Step and some scarlatina ( Don’t ask how to spell it- and spell check doesn’t know either.) So of course he wanted to give her a shot- oh boy! That little one is strong- it did take 2 nurses and both hubby and I to make sure she could get the shot. Alls well that ends well, and we are praying the rest of us don’t get sick. So we ended up getting McDonald’s because that is what she requested. Eh, this momma will treat her to it- especially since we were all starving. It was certainly a long day. Hubby stayed home with her today and then went into work when I got home- I am so thankful for an understanding boss.

It was chilly this morning and I was so worried about driving, I made it to work and home. Now getting ready to send both girls to school tomorrow, and this momma to work.

Let me just leave this thought with y’all, I told you Alabama has some crazy weather. Just look at this forecast!



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