So we did have some more fun this weekend. I discovered eggs! My girls are laying! Want to hear the funny story behind it? Well- I am going to tell you- I am a bad chicken mom!

This is the awesome tin egg basket my mom got me for my Birthday! I am so glad it can now hold my eggs! And it is purpled, my favorite color! Love it!


Sheldon and I were outside taking down the outside Christmas decorations, watching out for the ant mounds. We are going to have to treat…and I just happened to stop by the coop to talk to the girls. I screeched- and it is unusual for me to screech y’all- and Sheldon and the hubby came running. “Egg- we have an egg!” So of course- it was laying below their ladder to get into the coop, so Sheldon got it out- and we starting checking their boxes to see if there was any more. 8- 8 more lovely eggs in the coop. I should have been a better chicken momma and checked- but I didn’t expect them to lay for at least another month- since we have been having crazy hot/cold snaps. Well I will start checking every day now. I was so excited- I called my friend, and then called my mom- and of course posted it on Facebook. I am so excited for come Spring to get some more chickens!

Our First 9 eggs!

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