January Seed Shipment

So we are all planning gardens- I am a little late on my planning. My 8 to 5 has been hectic so I am not able to do my planning like I normally have been. It has been extremely crazy. So when my January Shipment came in- I got a little excited! I am hoping to find the time to plan some garden space this weekend. Also to plan how we are going to build raised beds- or if I am going to till and go straight into the ground.

I was very excited about my seeds this month- the peas look so delicious, and watermelon makes me think about summer! I know the chickens and we will enjoy that harvest!

Now the herbs- I can’t wait to try my hand at these- and look into drying them so I can store my own and not have to buy them anymore. Parsley, oregano, and basil- something we all use- and brings together a great Italian seasoning. I am planning my herb garden tonight as I lay awake thinking about harvests. I have a spot laid out- I am going to measure it and then plan which methods I am going to use. After the plan is together I will be sure to share. Maybe someone can hold me accountable!

Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!


I am a member of the Affiliate program- which means I do get paid a small portion if someone purchases a membership from my site. If you’d like to help my homestead journey, you certainly can click on the link in this post or on the link on my homepage. Thanks in advance if you do!


4 thoughts on “January Seed Shipment

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting my herbs to show up. I started a herb garden last year but lost it to the neighborhood cats scratching up the seedlings! Lemon basil sounds like it would make an amazing pesto!

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