Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had a fair amount of rain this week- and Lord knows I am not complaining. But it sure does put a hack in my plans because we don’t have an inside work space to build. So it has put a serious halt. Also my whole yard is mud. I will have to show you pictures. We did get a chance to move the chicken coop- my poor girls ended up with mud on them. I wanted to cry- but it gave me a chance this morning to wear my boots. I finally got a pair that I can fit into! I broke down and ordered a pair of Bogs. I ordered a cute pair- but they were out of stock so I picked another pair- and thanks Bogs I got a coupon code since the original ones were out of stock! That is very good customer service.

Let me tell you, I love them so much- here is the pair that I bought on Amazon- I did buy mine direct from Bogs though!

Teal Bogs

Funny story- I was so excited my boots were here on Friday night- I had to open the package and try them on! Let me tell you- do not put them on without socks- my foot got stuck and it was the funniest thing to see me trying to get them off! I almost fell over! But it was a good thing I had them- because when we moved the chicken coop- it was nice to have a pair of shoes I didn’t have to worry about getting muddy- that is their purpose y’all! They fit much better with socks by the way! I did get the taller ones, and I think for my birthday I will ask for a pair of the shorter ones. Just so I can slip them on and off easier. I love having a bright pair too! If you haven’t learned teal, purple and black are my favorite colors!

I endorse buying a pair of Bogs- they came recommended and now I see why! They do carry a bunch of different options- I just got a plain rain boot and I think it may have started an addiction! So feel free to click on my link and order a pair for yourself!

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