February Seed Shipment

It has been extremely crazy. So when my February Shipment came in- I got a little excited! I am hoping to find the time to plan some garden space this weekend. Also to plan how we are going to build raised beds- or if I am going to till and go straight into the ground. It looks like we will be doing a little of both!

My shipment was awesome- I love tomatoes- and Tooty can’t wait to plant the flowers. More basil- I am excited about turnips- and fennel. And the fava beans remind me of Silence of the Lambs- so I may just have to plant those! Tune in for a future post- I may be doing some seed sharing!


Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!

How weird am I?

So my excitement from Monday! And a total look into my weirdness!

I had a rough day Monday and the girls were at my friend’s house. It just so happens this is the friend with baby goats! So I rushed over to make sure that it was light enough to play with them. I have such a good time playing with her girls! I say that because AJ, her buck is a jerk! She had Emmy and Millie. Well AJ did his thing and both of them were pregnant. Millie had MJ first- and by far I love her and she is my favorite! It makes me want to hurry up and fence in so I can have her and play any time I want. I know babies grow up and I am fully expecting that! MJ still sits just as calm with me- and Millie is almost to the point she will come to me- but she is skittish! MJ is also growing her horns! She is too darn cute! Emmy had twins about a week and half ago- I  was so excited to meet the kids! They are named Belle and Ariel. I had such a time petting them- and they are so adorable- their nubs are coming in too! It’s so exciting to watch them grow. Sheldon got in on the action this time. I think she is worried about getting attached since the last time she got attached- her chicken passed. But I am glad she is breaking out of the fear. Ariel enjoyed chewing on my jacket! And yes I chased and cuddled in my work clothes- cause who doesn’t like smelling like a farm and like baby goats? See, that there- weirdness!

So enjoy these photos below! I can’t wait to have my own goaties- but get some more play time with her babies as well!

This is Emmy and Ariel and Belle! OMG! How stinkin cute!
MJ and I- I just love her! She is always so cuddly and loves to just let me pet and love on her! Look at her horns growing! Last time I saw her- 2 weeks ago- it was just nubs!
Not the greatest picture- but this is Ariel.
Sheldon and Ariel
This is the best picture- but this is Belle!

Money Saving Technique..

Hubby and I have been talking about getting a programmable thermostat for the house for awhile now. Part of the issue we have is on some weekends we are gone a lot and then hubby works second shift- so there is only a few hours of the day when someone is not home. For instance- I leave the house with the kids at 6:45 every morning- normally we do not return home until 6 most nights, that is Monday through Friday. Hubby normally leaves at 1 pm and comes home at 2 or 3 am. If we are not home, I do not see the point at keeping the house comfortable like we are home! And I love him to death but he does not remember to adjust the thermostat. So this is a great option- it also has a vacation setting and you can program sleep settings and away settings by location. It will not work if the wifi is not on as far as some of the features, but when you get so far from the house- it goes into away settings automatically. You can program from the unit also- so even if we don’t get the app working correctly- we are going to use the actual unit to program. So we have been looking into saving some money on our heating and cooling bill by having a programmable thermostat. Alabama has some crazy weather- I am not kidding yall! We need heat and air in the same day. For instance the other morning it was 40 or less degrees out so we needed some heat- but then during the day it got up to 70 something- so the air was turned on. It is hard to heat and cool a house when there is such a weird schedule with weird weather.

So this is what we decided on- it was bought and installed on Saturday. Not without some hiccups of course! We have yet to program a schedule to make sure it is working! I will do an update post once we program and can watch the power bill for a month or two to see if it helps!


So don’t mind the paint and holes- in time that will be fixed. The thermostat is smaller than the original that was in the house when we bought it.

Want to hear the funny part? Well it was not really funny when it happened, but it kind of is now. We installed the thermostat and installed the app on our phones. It was working okay at first- although it seemed to get stuck on emergency heat- by the way I have a heat pump. I finally got the mode to change- which I do have a tip for Honeywell- please put a user manual online for access or in the box. It only comes with an installation manual. Well I left for work Monday morning and called Hubby on the lunch break to make sure he was awake- and he told me the house was 75! So he got up and played with the thermostat and did a factory reset to see if he could get it to work. He didn’t get to finish programming the app to his phone- or check it to make sure it was working. Well needless to say when I got home Monday night at 7 from picking the kids up from a friends- it was 78 and it took me forever to get it to cool down. The thermostat had gotten stuck on heat again, so it had not cooled! I tried for over an hour to see what had happened and doing research but wasn’t able to. At least the house was cooling- but when I woke up it was still only 75. We like to sleep in the cool- when its too hot- no one can sleep. So needless to say I woke up and so did Tooty about 5 or 6 times that night. Hubby got home and started looking at the thermostat. After looking at it today and messing with the wires and programming, we finally got it to work. So before you install this- make sure you know what kind of programming you have for yours, and make sure that the wiring is exact that it needs to be as on the unit. We have not gotten the app to reload- and that will be a story for another day, and are making sure the unit is going to work before programming it. But it is a step in the right direction! Learn from our mistakes! I did not order ours from Amazon- we bought it at Lowes- but you can check out some more features here.

I’m not missing I swear!

Long time no blog!

I have not blogged in awhile! We have been so busy- expect to see some posts coming up! And I am so excited about what is to come. The weather has been getting warmer, so we will be working more and more!

We have some money techniques coming up- a life update- a homestead update- and some planning posts! Quick note- Since Sheldon is in Girl Scouts- Tooty just joined because she wanted to be like big sister and sell cookies. So yes, that is what my weekends have been consisting of- and at least the next 2 weekends selling cookies at booth sales! My girls absolutely love Girl Scouts!

Sheldon has Beta Club convention coming this week- which will be so fun for her- but I will have some late nights with pickups. So I have been planning- well trying to plan as much as I can. I am the planner and list maker. Trying to get organized is a chore- I have been decluttering and this month has totally flown by. I don’t think much progress has been made- but little progress is still progress!

Sheldon helped me declutter a week or so ago. We cleaned out the 4 totes under my bed- which were full of papers. I organized the girls school work. Each of them has a Ziploc now with their work and report cards and special papers separated by grades. And I had to do 6 years for Sheldon- boy was I behind! But I feel so better, and now have 2 empty long under the bed totes to store things! I am a work in progress yall!

So what has everyone else been up to? This is only the small tales of what we have been doing! Be sure to follow along to get updates in the coming week! I sure have missed writing!

2017 Goals- January Check-In

So on this post here, I listed my goals for 2017. We will probably be adding more as the year goes on- but here is January’s check- in since the last day was this week! Did you set goals? How are you doing? See the updates in red!

  1. Personal- Quit Smoking. It will save money and my health. This year I am dead serious on quitting smoking. I am also trying to make the switch from caffeine or other drinks to strictly water. That is a slow progression as I tend to get migraines when I lose the caffeine. (I have not been so good with the caffeine front- but I am trying hard! As far as smoking- I cut back some- but then stress hit and I was back to regular again! Not a fail- just need more progress!)
  2.  Quail-Finish the quail coop. We did get started with the coop- but it needs to be finished. We are also looking at buying some more babies. I would like to raise and sell eggs/babies. (We have finished the coop- see post here. I am looking at getting some chicks to add to our flock!)
  3. Chickens- Build a bigger chicken coop- and get some more chickens. I have 2 separate breeds, and have not decided whether I want roosters or not.
  4. Gardening- Start an herb garden. Plant some fruit trees. Start some seeds and a small garden to manage so we can save more money.
  5. Small Home Organization and Projects- Organize the shed. Clean out the rest of our stuff from my in-laws. Declutter a lot of stuff. We have a few renovation projects to complete, which we already have the supplies for.
  6. Save More Money!
  7. Food Preservation- I got a gift card for Christmas- so I bought a dehydrator. We will start with that. I am also stocking up on canning supplies so I can start with some water bath canning. I have a flat top stove- so we have to look and see if our model will allow us to can, otherwise I will find something else to do.
  8. Cook From Scratch- Right now I am working on getting rid of some premade things in the pantry, but we will start slow with that and making our own bread.
  9. Rain Barrel- Get the rain barrel set up. This does involve buying some gutter guards- but we have material to build a stand for it to sit on.

Weekend fun-

This weekend was semi-productive. I was happy to spend part of Saturday at my friend’s house. I am completely in love with MJ! By the way- that is the baby goat. I totally think I need her in my life! Just spending some time with her made my day- I love animal cuddles! By the way- it looks horrible in this picture but I cut and died my hair last weekend and absolutely love it! So enjoy!

Isn’t MJ so cute? She is growing too! In 2 weeks she is almost half the size of her momma!
Mj was hugging me! Oh I am in love!


I did replant my aloe pot. I bought an aloe plant at Lowes one day and I felt bad- I knew it needed a new pot- so of course I repotted it this weekend. It looks a little sad and it is not growing much- any tips welcome! Help a sister out!

It sits in my kitchen window! I think it may need more sun though!


We got the quail coop finished! Yay! The post was made before this one.

I also purchased some more canning jars- preparing for the future! I had coupons yall! I couldn’t resist- besides they had coupons for the blue jars! Awesomeness!

Don’t mind my messy table! I have to find a place to store my things!

DIY- Quail Coop

So the quail coop finally got finished this weekend. I have decided once we design and build the actual coop I want- this will become a sick bay/chick hut/what ever I need it for.

Hubby thinks it isn’t good work- but it wasn’t planned and we threw it together. The only thing we actually bought was the fencing and the plywood for the top. We still have to seal the top, but the rest of it came from pallets and scrap wood we have laying around.

Poor sunshine does not know what to do. I am hoping to be able to get some more now that we have a proper place built. See pictures below. Comments and suggestions welcome!