Weekend fun-

This weekend was semi-productive. I was happy to spend part of Saturday at my friend’s house. I am completely in love with MJ! By the way- that is the baby goat. I totally think I need her in my life! Just spending some time with her made my day- I love animal cuddles! By the way- it looks horrible in this picture but I cut and died my hair last weekend and absolutely love it! So enjoy!

Isn’t MJ so cute? She is growing too! In 2 weeks she is almost half the size of her momma!
Mj was hugging me! Oh I am in love!


I did replant my aloe pot. I bought an aloe plant at Lowes one day and I felt bad- I knew it needed a new pot- so of course I repotted it this weekend. It looks a little sad and it is not growing much- any tips welcome! Help a sister out!

It sits in my kitchen window! I think it may need more sun though!


We got the quail coop finished! Yay! The post was made before this one.

I also purchased some more canning jars- preparing for the future! I had coupons yall! I couldn’t resist- besides they had coupons for the blue jars! Awesomeness!

Don’t mind my messy table! I have to find a place to store my things!

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