I’m not missing I swear!

Long time no blog!

I have not blogged in awhile! We have been so busy- expect to see some posts coming up! And I am so excited about what is to come. The weather has been getting warmer, so we will be working more and more!

We have some money techniques coming up- a life update- a homestead update- and some planning posts! Quick note- Since Sheldon is in Girl Scouts- Tooty just joined because she wanted to be like big sister and sell cookies. So yes, that is what my weekends have been consisting of- and at least the next 2 weekends selling cookies at booth sales! My girls absolutely love Girl Scouts!

Sheldon has Beta Club convention coming this week- which will be so fun for her- but I will have some late nights with pickups. So I have been planning- well trying to plan as much as I can. I am the planner and list maker. Trying to get organized is a chore- I have been decluttering and this month has totally flown by. I don’t think much progress has been made- but little progress is still progress!

Sheldon helped me declutter a week or so ago. We cleaned out the 4 totes under my bed- which were full of papers. I organized the girls school work. Each of them has a Ziploc now with their work and report cards and special papers separated by grades. And I had to do 6 years for Sheldon- boy was I behind! But I feel so better, and now have 2 empty long under the bed totes to store things! I am a work in progress yall!

So what has everyone else been up to? This is only the small tales of what we have been doing! Be sure to follow along to get updates in the coming week! I sure have missed writing!


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