Money Saving Technique..

Hubby and I have been talking about getting a programmable thermostat for the house for awhile now. Part of the issue we have is on some weekends we are gone a lot and then hubby works second shift- so there is only a few hours of the day when someone is not home. For instance- I leave the house with the kids at 6:45 every morning- normally we do not return home until 6 most nights, that is Monday through Friday. Hubby normally leaves at 1 pm and comes home at 2 or 3 am. If we are not home, I do not see the point at keeping the house comfortable like we are home! And I love him to death but he does not remember to adjust the thermostat. So this is a great option- it also has a vacation setting and you can program sleep settings and away settings by location. It will not work if the wifi is not on as far as some of the features, but when you get so far from the house- it goes into away settings automatically. You can program from the unit also- so even if we don’t get the app working correctly- we are going to use the actual unit to program. So we have been looking into saving some money on our heating and cooling bill by having a programmable thermostat. Alabama has some crazy weather- I am not kidding yall! We need heat and air in the same day. For instance the other morning it was 40 or less degrees out so we needed some heat- but then during the day it got up to 70 something- so the air was turned on. It is hard to heat and cool a house when there is such a weird schedule with weird weather.

So this is what we decided on- it was bought and installed on Saturday. Not without some hiccups of course! We have yet to program a schedule to make sure it is working! I will do an update post once we program and can watch the power bill for a month or two to see if it helps!


So don’t mind the paint and holes- in time that will be fixed. The thermostat is smaller than the original that was in the house when we bought it.

Want to hear the funny part? Well it was not really funny when it happened, but it kind of is now. We installed the thermostat and installed the app on our phones. It was working okay at first- although it seemed to get stuck on emergency heat- by the way I have a heat pump. I finally got the mode to change- which I do have a tip for Honeywell- please put a user manual online for access or in the box. It only comes with an installation manual. Well I left for work Monday morning and called Hubby on the lunch break to make sure he was awake- and he told me the house was 75! So he got up and played with the thermostat and did a factory reset to see if he could get it to work. He didn’t get to finish programming the app to his phone- or check it to make sure it was working. Well needless to say when I got home Monday night at 7 from picking the kids up from a friends- it was 78 and it took me forever to get it to cool down. The thermostat had gotten stuck on heat again, so it had not cooled! I tried for over an hour to see what had happened and doing research but wasn’t able to. At least the house was cooling- but when I woke up it was still only 75. We like to sleep in the cool- when its too hot- no one can sleep. So needless to say I woke up and so did Tooty about 5 or 6 times that night. Hubby got home and started looking at the thermostat. After looking at it today and messing with the wires and programming, we finally got it to work. So before you install this- make sure you know what kind of programming you have for yours, and make sure that the wiring is exact that it needs to be as on the unit. We have not gotten the app to reload- and that will be a story for another day, and are making sure the unit is going to work before programming it. But it is a step in the right direction! Learn from our mistakes! I did not order ours from Amazon- we bought it at Lowes- but you can check out some more features here.


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