How weird am I?

So my excitement from Monday! And a total look into my weirdness!

I had a rough day Monday and the girls were at my friend’s house. It just so happens this is the friend with baby goats! So I rushed over to make sure that it was light enough to play with them. I have such a good time playing with her girls! I say that because AJ, her buck is a jerk! She had Emmy and Millie. Well AJ did his thing and both of them were pregnant. Millie had MJ first- and by far I love her and she is my favorite! It makes me want to hurry up and fence in so I can have her and play any time I want. I know babies grow up and I am fully expecting that! MJ still sits just as calm with me- and Millie is almost to the point she will come to me- but she is skittish! MJ is also growing her horns! She is too darn cute! Emmy had twins about a week and half ago- I  was so excited to meet the kids! They are named Belle and Ariel. I had such a time petting them- and they are so adorable- their nubs are coming in too! It’s so exciting to watch them grow. Sheldon got in on the action this time. I think she is worried about getting attached since the last time she got attached- her chicken passed. But I am glad she is breaking out of the fear. Ariel enjoyed chewing on my jacket! And yes I chased and cuddled in my work clothes- cause who doesn’t like smelling like a farm and like baby goats? See, that there- weirdness!

So enjoy these photos below! I can’t wait to have my own goaties- but get some more play time with her babies as well!

This is Emmy and Ariel and Belle! OMG! How stinkin cute!
MJ and I- I just love her! She is always so cuddly and loves to just let me pet and love on her! Look at her horns growing! Last time I saw her- 2 weeks ago- it was just nubs!
Not the greatest picture- but this is Ariel.
Sheldon and Ariel
This is the best picture- but this is Belle!

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