Chicken Coop What?

So the plan was to get a carport from a piece of property my in- laws were selling…but that didn’t happen. SOOO….

Hello Tractor Supply- thanks to my friend and the hubby who both saw the coop and thought I would fall in love- heck I love my chickens so why wouldn’t I fall in love with another coop!

Saturday we went to LOOK at the coop- well LOOK being the key word- nope Momma got her another coop! We do have to move them- but that is a post for another day!

Here she is- in all her glory- it was the floor model and we had to take the nesting boxes off the sides to get it out the door. It was in the store yall!


I can stand in this one- well almost all the way- I am pretty much 6 feet tall- and there is so much more room for the girls. (Side Note- I am not getting rid of the other coop- it has plans also!) There is only 4 nesting boxes, but they share anyways. I do want to make another roost in the actual coop part it isn’t really high. But I am so in love. I placed the nesting boxes back and screwed everything in while hubby was helping little brother return the trailer. Stay tuned for some more exciting news!


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