Being a homeowner…

Being a homeowner sucks sometimes. Its not all pretty and things happen and break. Forward to my story…

We had just walked in the door after a long day at work..and it has been rough. Its been raining. Cue the crappy mood. Its about to get worse. Its 6 pm and im thinking what am i going to eat for dinner…when i hear sheldon say “mom, you’re going to want to see this…” i think crap what did the cats do while we were gone. Cats didn’t do it this time. I turn the corner to see part of our ceiling fell in and there was a huge hole! Cue cuss words.. I’m ashamed to admit i made a sailor proud. So i call the hubby to come home and fix it. So now we are looking at not only putting a new roof on the house, but fixing the ceiling and the floor where apparently water had been leaking. The joys of homeownership yall!

Mess on the ruined floor after i swept some up. It was all soaking wet.

Here is the lovely hole.

Cue temporary fix for now while we price and plan.

Most if my projects are now put on hold!

How are yall? By the way don’t forget to turn clocks back one hour this weekend. That is if you observe daylight savings.


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