Weekend Madness…

Hey! How did your weekend go? We had a pretty busy one. But I did enjoy that we got some things crossed off the list! Who doesn’t enjoy that? So if you read my post here, you know what kind of excitement we had. We measured the roof this weekend and priced materials. Looking at ordering materials within the week so we can have them at the house and get some friends together to get a new roof on. They are calling for more rain in the next week or so, and I am not sure when we can get that done. We will have to see! Until then, we just have to keep on trucking!

We got our new grill set up, and I don’t even have any meat to cook on it.  So sad, so the grocery list has been made! We have been looking at this grill for 2 years now, so I am glad we were finally able to get one! I like propane, hubby likes charcoal. And we like having a smoker- because well- who doesn’t love some smoked BBQ!


We got some of the grass seed out- I have to water it again, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We have to move the barn coop- and then I can put grass seed on that!


We got the coop moved- post to follow! It was small tasks that got completed- but at least it still makes you feel accomplished!

How was your weekend? Did you get anything checked off the list? Or was it just a relaxing weekend? Don’t forget the time changed on today- so if you are in the Daylight Savings Zone- spring forward! It totally threw me off today! I do enjoy having more daylight in the evenings though!


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