The beginnings…

We planted some seeds this past weekend. I am hoping to plant some more this weekend. This was just the beginning. I am late on the bandwagon, but we are hopping along!


This is my strawberry plant. We bought a package that is supposed to have 10 seedlings in it- but they were all bunched up- and I couldn’t tell one root from another. So if you have any tips to separate them, now is a good time! I have planted it in hopes once they grow, I can separate them further.


My mom had bought my girls these seed starters- so we planted them- and I can’t wait to see them grow, so we can strategically place them. Save the bugs my friends! The one on the left is chamomile, and the one on the right is purple coneflower.


We also have some basil started in it’s own little greenhouse. If it all sprouts, I will have plants to share with friends!


This is Tooty’s planter, she picked up from Walmart one time. We have sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I am hoping these do well for her sake!

I will be sure to keep everyone updated with the progress. Talking about progress, here is some updated pictures of our bulbs we planted. Gorgeous!!


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