Skills… another list to be made.

After going round and round… I have decided I need to make a list of skills we would love to have! So that means I can consistently learn and have a goal to reach towards. I do know how to crochet slightly, and Sheldon does also. So I think we will start making time to up our skills. Sheldon is very good at watching youtube and crocheting and making things. But I do need to advance my skills. I can make a square, but I forget how to finish it off, mostly I just work on how tight I am, I have no consistency with my stiches. But I do want to make the egg apron out of yarn! So that is a goal for right now, to work on the skills so I can eventually make one!

I do know how to sew and I prefer to sew by hand. Sheldon has a sewing machine, I need to learn how to repair/use it. I can use a sewing machine but can’t change the bobbin or anything. She is slowing working on her sewing skills. I need to work with her more. I have some awesome projects in mind!

Poor Tooty gets left out because her hands are so small, she gets frustrated and she has no attention span right now at 6.

Sheldon and I are slowing working on a project for Tooty. She wanted to start it, but she can’t do the work. I can’t wait until it is done, Sheldon is having fun with it.


I am very crafty, and I love painting. I just don’t take the time to do it. I like working with my hands- although I think I am getting carpal tunnel from work- so please pray that is not the case! So here is to more working with the hands, and doing something crafty/useful and skill building with my spare time. (Do people really have spare time? Time management is on the skill list! I need to work on that part bad!)

So I will be making a list of skills we are working on, and as I work I will post the projects. I am a list person, so I am making the list now. And a home made Christmas may be in our future this year!

What skills do you have? It doesn’t have to be just crafting! What have you made lately?


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