Book Review- Homesteading From Scratch

Homesteading From Scratch is a book I have halfway been through. I skimmed the other half- in areas that do not apply right now. It is definitely an excellent read and reads through nicely. There is some beautiful pictures, and the tips are outlined in brown boxes throughout the whole book.

The books topics are in separate sections, getting started, farming, dollars and sense, learning to love the fiber arts, home production and lifestyles.

Getting started goes from what is homesteading (defining it for you), self sufficiency and skills, and the importance of food.

Farming goes into how to farm, where to get land, animal husbandry and record keeping.

Dollars and Sense labels out business plan, financing and marketing.

Learning to love the fiber arts covers the importance of fiber, fiber animals, crafting with fiber.

Home production topics range from canning, dairy, fermentation, eggs and the basics of baking.

Lifestyles goes from children, community and marking time.

This book covers all topics, is a quick read and lays everything out nicely. I would recommend this for anyone, especially starting out. It covers all topics for homesteading and is chock full of information.


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