Garden Update-

So I was not able to till or get anything into the ground- major work to be done next weekend now!


the 11 plants I bought are doing well- but they need more room soon!


The squash plant is getting flowers!


Mr. Cucumber plant is doing much better now! I am so happy- it is growing and blooming!


Tomato plant is doing well and flowering!


Can you see the cherry tomatoes already?


Looks like out of this seed batch- the corn has started growing. Or at least I think it is the corn- I forgot to label the front of the box so I could tell!


Starting from the top left and going down rows- then over from the top again-

Okra, Okra, Cantaloupe, cantaloupe, green bean (they are small), nothing yet, nothing yet, pumpkins, a whole row of nothing yet, nothing yet, nothing yet, sweet pepper, sweet pepper, cucumber, and 3 nothing yet, 2 nothing yet, sunflower, and the last nothing yet.

I am so excited to transplant them into the bigger garden space and then see how much I can get to grow!

How does your garden grow?

Goat Update-

This will be a picture happy post! MJ and Kevin are doing well. They are more lovey and vocal with me when no one is around. We had to do some rearranging in the pen- we added a piece of plywood to the inside of the house- so 3 sides are covered fully and it should leave them a decent amount of dry space. I had to move the non-tippable food bucket to in the dry spot as it was full of mush- and I have picky goats- they won’t eat it!

MJ is pretty funny- she will look up at the leaves on the tree- and mah at me- so I ask her what she wants and she does it again. I love our conversations! I mostly get onto Kevin- he is less than a month younger- but a definite bully!


Chick Update..

As of right now, I am having good luck with my babies. I have 3 Cherry Eggers and 3 Golden Comets. The big girls are quite curious to see them through the fencing. I think next weekend we will try mixing them to see.


They are beautiful- and coming into their colors now. I still have yet to name them, we may soon, but I am waiting to be able to tell a difference between all of them! They look the same!


Violet and Spaz- Violet is more curious about the chicks than Spaz.


We put the babies up at night and let them down- but this morning- this lone Cherry Egger made her way down the ramp. I was worried they wouldn’t learn how to. So I watched all morning- she made her way up and down.


I came back out later and all 6 were down! Let’s just see if they learn to go up at night. We are having some rain and it is chilly so I bet they will since we still have the heat lamp up for them.

So I am taking suggestions for names! Comment and let me know what you think!

Garden Update.


Out of all the seeds I planted- we have 2 okra plants growing, 1 cantaloupe plant, and a sugar snap pea plant growing. So I am going to wait about another week and if nothing else grows in them- into the compost the cups will go! Or does anyone have another suggestion?


I did plant a WHOOLLLEE bunch of more seeds today! These won’t go in the greenhouse as I am going to see if that makes a difference. I think my greenhouse is meant for grow lights- we will see!


The first plant here- my cucumber plant is not doing too well! Any suggestions? The big boy tomato plant is looking good. My cherry tomato plant has a few tomatoes on it!  The strawberry bucket has a seedling poking through! The hanger that I started last week has 1 more week flat down until I can actually hang it. I think when we had the storm, I accidentally left the plants out in the rain- so the 2 pink buckets will need to be replanted, they flooded!

I broke down and bought some more plants when we were at Tractor Supply today buying goat and chick feed! I bought another straightneck heirloom squash, another burpless hybrid cucumber, 2 Clemson spineless green okra, a red bell sweet pepper, a strawberry plant that happened to have 2 or 3 on it, a green pepper, a banana pepper, a different type of tomato, and something else I think. We also bought a heritage raspberry and northland blueberry bush to plant and try. I bought 2 hardy pecan trees to plant! And I bought some magic molly potato starters, and a German potato starter.  I think I have an addiction! But this is the first year we will actually have a garden- so I am using the established route- and then trying seeds also! We will see how well this goes!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary- How does YOUR garden grow?


Goaties Update.

So after a week, the goaties are doing great! They love to see us come towards them now- because they know we mean food! Although Tooty kind of freaks them out!


MJ used to come let me pet her- but we have taken some back steps, and she has gotten skittish!


Kevin is way more friendly now, and he definitely is all boy! He has a very pushy personality!


They did get a new toy today! They love having the pallets to jump on and off of! They most certainly have played more since we put them in there! And Kevin is sort of a bully when it comes to food and the pallet stand! This has all been observed today! But I can say MJ can hold her own if she wants to!

Chick Update

Some work has been done to prepare for the babies coming in May. The bitties should be able to go in with the big girls when they come. I hope they are big enough! To prepare for that…we have moved the chicken coops closer together, so during the day they have access to each other and they can get used to being close to the babies!


The coops also got moved forward some so the girls have some grass, and we can lay some seed out to grow grass back. We will be adding a run within the next month or so to give them more room, and to be able to block it off to grow grass back. Don’t mind the bag of shavings- I was cleaning coops today also!


The babies have been exposed to ground again, and I have to put them up at night, they should be able to learn to use the ramp soon! They did not want to cooperate for pictures! The big girls are used to it!


Not the greatest picture, but Dixie kept trying to knock me over! She is very needy these days and wants a lot of attention! We have not names the babies yet- but I feel like I need to learn more about their personality some, so we are waiting until they get bigger, and maybe we can tell the difference between them all!

Give me some name suggestions so we can get a list going! I have 6 to name right now! We don’t have any roosters- but maybe we will get one later in the fall. I have to slowly add more!

DIY- Chicken Brooder

So I finally got around to posting the brooder pics, and our DIY idea. Normally I am bad about bringing animals home and not having housing. But this time we are learning to be prepared. I need a shed for all my animal tools and feed- maybe DIY!

The bitties are loving their home. They have a lot of room to move. I used the little chicken coop I have as a brooder. They are not allowed downstairs just yet- but that will be coming as of next week- to let them learn to forage on the ground.


Lots of room! They are learning to use the roosting bars above now! See this post for the pictures!


Feed and water. And It is nice to have the door open this way to be able to add it.


The heat lamp is set up on the roosting bar- and the plug fits nicely out the nesting box on the side.


The bitties love it!


DIY- Goat Pen

We have built a goat pen, low cost and with materials on hand. We did have to purchase t posts, a gate, some screws, and 2 posts for the gate. We had a bunch of pallets that hubby can get from work for free. So our pile dwindled a little- we will have to collect some more! This is the start- we still need a real roof on it, and we built it this way so we can expand it.


This is part of the yard. It is 7 pallets long- and is 4 pallets wide. We are going to have to do something about the shorter pallets as our lovely baby Nigerian Dwarf doe is trying to climb the fence and jump out. This is new for her so it will take them some adjusting time. So hubby will be fixing that! But we placed t posts in every corner and every other pallet. I saw the idea on pinterest. We screwed each pallet together, and the corners are screwed in very well.


For right now you can see the goat shelter. We have screwed a tarp on to keep rain and wind out- the tarp was something we had on hand. We had some hay from last October and placed it in there for them to lay on.


We have a 6 foot gate- and 2 cedar posts that the gate attaches too. We had it swing to the inside.


This was the plan for the gate to swing in. In case we needed to lock them up to clean the pen- or do some work to it. Well because MJ has decided to try to get out, until hubby gets the shorter pallets fixed- I am locking them up at night. They are not happy but I feel better- and I won’t have to worry as much. I will be posting some more updates soon as I have to build some goat toys to keep them occupied. And this helps them to get adjusted.

Any goat tips? Who wants to help a sister out?

Greenhouse and more seeds planted..

About a month ago, I bought a greenhouse from Tractor Supply to try out. We have put it together and have it out in the sun, and tied down to the ground.


This was before we strapped it down. We had some weather come in and I didn’t want it to blow away, so we used some straps and anchors.

That day we also planted some seeds. We planted green beans, okra, sweet pepper, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe and sugar snap peas. They have not seeded yet- but we have had pretty cloudy weather- and I may need to try this with grow lights.


My frugal planting idea- we used some Italian ice cups I had saved to plant seeds. They are the perfect size, and are reusable. The bottom shelf has our tomato and cucumber plants from the little mickey greenhouse. We have some more basil seedlings, and I need to get some more seeds started this week. It may be next weekend.

What do you have popping up? Or how is your seedlings or seeds growing?

Weekend fun..

It was a big weekend for us. Saturday I went to a Pink Zebra rally with a friend from work. I ended up signing up to become a distributor- I love their products! While there- I was entered to win a free kit for signing up that day! I won! That told me it was a sign I am supposed to be a distributor. If you want to check the stuff out- Pink Zebra Site. They have some amazing scents and beautiful shades for their warmers. My whole house smells amazing- and I can’t wait to see what this journey brings!

After having a nice time without kids- this momma needed it! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids- but I definitely needed some me time! Hubby and I started working on a goat pen for some goats. Post on that to come later. We got the goat home done.

Sunday Funday- was picking up our goat pair, and celebrating Sheldon’s birthday. I have an 11 year old y’all. We had a busy weekend, and it won’t get any slower! I love being busy right now!

So how did your weekend go? Enjoy our pictures!

Sheldon’s Birthday cake!
Mj and Kevin- the new addition to the homestead!
Tooty surprised me- she has taken up with the kids!
If you can’t tell her- she loves her some babies!
The bitties are getting so big!
They are roosting now!
This is Kevin- he was born in February.
This is MJ, she was born in January.