Garden Check In

I have plenty more seeds to start. We will be looking into frugal containers since we will be either direct sowing or transplanting. We are going to purchase a tiller so that we can get the garden started and I may have to make a fence to keep out critters but to keep the kids out too. Where the garden will be is in the front yard, aaannnddd that’s where the kids play.


The picture loaded upside down- but you get the gist of it. The top 3 are Tooty’s cucumber plants from her Mickey greenhouse, and the rest are her tomato plants. I hope I didn’t kill them by transplanting them, but they need to grow better roots.


The top one is the big boy tomatoes, I finally got them transplanted into their container. Then we have our squash, cucumber and cherry tomato plants. They do look like they are growing! I should be measuring, just to see- and I haven’t wrote anything down, but maybe with the blog updates- I can keep track of when I do things. Well maybe- since I tend to write the post and then schedule it for later! I need to keep track somehow!

How is your garden growing? What else are you planning on planting?


2 thoughts on “Garden Check In

  1. That’s a great start and I love how you’re getting the kiddos involved! We’ve come into a rainy stretch of weather, but we got potatoes in before it hit. We would like to get corn planted in the next couple weeks, but we need a small break from the rain.

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