Coop Update- Chicks!

So the big news is I ordered some chicks from a hatchery- they will be here around May 8- but I ordered them so I could get the breeds I want. Right now Alabama is on a lock down of sorts because of the Avian Flu. But we can still purchase from a hatchery or a store- or someone who is NPIP certified. I went to Tractor Supply to get some things for the big girls, and they had chicks. I was going to get some bantams- but they had a couple that looked a little down, so I decided not to. Then took a trip to one of the local co-ops and they just had Golden Comets- well they own another co-op in another town that has more chicks, so went there. Needless to say- I am now a proud mama of 3 Cherry Eggers, and 3 Golden Comets. They are pullets, and I can’t wait to watch them grow, and see how my girls react. They were with my in-laws for a portion of Spring Break, so they don’t know about them just yet! More updates to follow-



I will have to show you the actual brooder part later. I have to finish it. It is so hot out that they can use the sun. And they definitely spark Dixie’s interest. I have to keep reminding her they are babies! But she doesn’t like when I mess with Spaz or Violet either. Since we can’t tell the difference, we may wait on naming these, until they get a little bigger!


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