Making the world a better place- one step at a time!

Towards the goal list- I do not buy frozen French fries anymore, we buy potatoes and I fry them up at home! I love them so much better- and the girls eat them- with the skins on! We did burgers and fries for dinner Sunday! I am so happy to have one less box item/premade item in the house!


We are prepping for Easter now. I have to get the shed cleaned out still because that means I can find the rest of my decorations. My mom send me some adorable table stuff! I can not wait to have the table set! I have to clean it off first. It is covered in several project materials right now! My momma spoils me so much! Look at how cute!


Kitchen towels- we don’t use paper towels much! The kids are more dependent on them! I will have to make unpaper towels soon!

Beautiful placemats and cloth napkins- my cloth napkin stash is slowly growing! The plaid is so cute! And it goes well with the adorable bunny and carrot placemats!

Look at that platter, and the spoon rest! Right now the Easter sign is sitting in my kitchen window!

We are slowly making the world a better place- one step at a time! We are making our trash impact go down, and leaning more towards self-sufficiency! Each baby step is progress, and I am proud of the progress we are making!

How are you doing? Or what are you doing to make progress?


2 thoughts on “Making the world a better place- one step at a time!

  1. All of this is awesome! We haven’t bought paper towels for years and don’t even miss them! We make our own cleaner and have special towels for cleaning and not for napkins! (And your fries and burgers look yummy too!)

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